How many times have you decided to sit down and tried to improve your social media knowledge, and all the articles you read just left you confused and no more knowledgeable than you were four hours ago?

Too many blogs and articles today are disguised as ‘social media tips and tricks’ when they are really nothing more than a scam to drive traffic to a website, trap you in a sales funnel and help make someone else more money. Fortunately, this is not one of those blogs! Grab your cup of tea (or beverage of choice) and hopefully learn something new. If you didn’t learn anything new, then I apologise, but at least we haven’t begged for your email address!

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into four social media tips and tricks that will hopefully boost your followers and engagement rate.

Tip One – People LOVE People.

Gone are the days in business where you could just tell people that they need to buy your product, run a slick ad campaign and see your sales go through the roof. This approach still works today, but even the average consumer is still a lot more conscious about the people they’re buying from. Are they ethical, sustainable, or generally just nice people? One of the best ways to show the world what you and your company are really about is to let in them in behind the curtain and to show off the people within your organisation!

To some people this will be strange and may feel a bit fake, but how else is the world supposed to see the character and personality of your company without being introduced to the people that are keeping the machine running? People like to know who they may be working with and love to cheer on the success of other people.

It doesn’t just have to be the people behind your business, it can be your clients too! (As long as they’re willing of course…). This shows that you’re active as a company, hands on and willing to go the extra mile. It also begins to build your credibility as a company as it shows potential customers that people are already using your product(s) or service(s).

Tip Two – Engage with Other People, but Don’t Be Spammy.

We’re sure that you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds or have possibly had comments like these – “👏🔥👏”. These comments aren’t all that great to receive, and don’t add any value to anyone. Instead, comment on what you see! Leave a compliment or ask a question the photo may have given you. After all, it is SOCIAL media.

Changing your approach allows you to start conversations in the comments sections and could even help posts trend organically without having to spend a penny. This works especially well on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Tip Three – If You’re Going to Use Stock Imagery, Make Sure It’s Good!

We’ve all seen social media accounts that have blatantly scraped the bottom of the barrel to find a stock image that “sort of” conveys their message. In today’s world, there is no excuse for poor stock imagery to be used on your social media channels, full stop. You can head down the purchasing route using sites like Adobe Stock ( or Shutterstock ( With these sites you can find images to fit any occasion.

If finances are a problem or are allocated elsewhere, there are great sites out there like Unsplash (, or Pexels ( Although their stock photos are more limited than Adobe or Shutterstock, all the photos are free! Some may require attribution, but that’s just another great way to help other creators get their next step up in life.

Sometimes, despite being free, the images still may not quite say what you want them to… This is where you can get creative! Download two or three images and take them into your creative app of choice (ours is Photoshop) and create away! Mask, transform, blend and create pictures that say exactly what you want them to. This is a great way to show off your creativity on your social media feeds, and have some fun with it along the way.

Here are some photos we’ve personally created and are visible on our Instagram feed. Go wild! See what you can create.

Tip Four – Take Advantage of Linkedin, Now!

LinkedIn is currently one of the fastest growing social media networks for businesses with the highest potential for organic reach. It’s still do-able, but much harder on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram without spending any money at all.

People like Gary Vee are currently raving about LinkedIn and we too as a company are seeing the same results. Our impressions are sky rocketing, conversations are being started and articles are even making it into trending hashtags! LinkedIn is all about making connections and creating relevant and useful content.

You can create anything from infographics, tutorial videos, articles relating to your industry, business related photos, and the occasional snap from your own personal life. If it’s interesting and relevant, people will comment, like and potentially even share your content!

We have the entire world at our fingertips and our content can be seen by someone on the other side of the world in less than a second, so what are you waiting for?

Short Bonus Tip – Stuck on Content Ideas?

If you’re stuck on what kind of content to create, you can always use services such as Google Trends or view what is trending on LinkedIn Storylines. This will allow you to create content that is not only relevant to your industry, but the world over!

That’s it from us! Go out, create, and start smashing your social media game, today!

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