Carmel Ministries International - The Brief

For Carmel Ministries International, we have provided a range of services over time to give the ministry a presence on what is now a global stage.

We are now in the process of re-building the Carmel Ministries website to bring it fully up to date with responsive, modern design that increases functionality and usability for churchgoers. Users will be able to catch up on missed sermons, check event details, donate to the ministry and much more. As well as building the new website, we regularly provide photography and photo editing during church conferences to capture the essence of each event.

The editorial team at Cre8ion deliver regular quality content for the quarterly ‘Carmel Life’ magazine, conducting interviews and transcribing speaker messages to give readers the best low-down on church life at Carmel City Church. Our talented production team provide weekly video edits of church messages to go online for people to catch up on throughout the week, as well as creating promotional themed videos for big church events throughout the year. Carmel Ministries’ event videos are packed full of personality with themes ranging from the A-Team to grungy youth conference promotional videos.

Check out the website: