Crossways Pre School - The Brief

We offered Crossways Pre-School a creative strategy, and from there, we built a unique brand that showcases the personality of the school with the tagline ‘Making Memories…’.

Our dedicated design team created a distinctive brand for Crossways Pre-School that is vibrant, playful and projects everything that school life is about. The colourful picture book brand concept has helped the school present itself with brand consistency in communications with perspective pupils and parents. From the brand, we created a website that has the same playfulness while providing the functionally that you would expect from a school resource with features, such as a parent’s section, a learning section and a Twitter feed to keep parents and students up to date around the clock.

Following on from the design of the brand, we created prospectuses for the school to give the professional edge needed to get the message across that Crossways is a great educational institution to send a child to. The prospectus was provided digitally and in print, so parents could choose whether to flick through a hard copy at home or view on the website.

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