Executive Foundation - The Brief

The Executive Foundation, run by Mike Wiltshire, meets regularly in Calcot Manor in Gloucestershire. It is a private members club for business executives which offers lectures and seminars on successful leadership and business practice, as well as an abundance of advice and support to leaders in the industry.

The Executive Foundation came to us with a request to create videos to embed into their existing website. We interviewed members of the Executive Foundation in order to showcase more content faster giving visitors an understanding of what the Executive Foundation is all about.

We interviewed the members during a typical day at an Executive Foundation meeting using a question and answer format, and additional footage of the day was then cut into the video to reinforce what the interviewee said. The style of editing used sustains the momentum of the video, eliminating any long pauses or interruptions from the unscripted interview, and the resulting videos give a brief yet engaging and informative insight into the benefits of membership of the Executive Foundation.