Stoke Park Schools - The Brief

Stoke Park Schools approached Cre8ion with the ambition to create a dynamic brand to show off the school’s personality and charm following a brave decision in renaming the school. It was to become our learning adventure.

Seemingly overnight, Cre8ion produced a complete rebranding process, from workshop, creative strategy, brand build and then delivered website, signage, vehicle design, uniforms and other communications in three short months. July saw pupils leave one school and start back in September with a completely new identity based around adventure.

Our design team created a unique brand based on wood and chalkboards with imagery of children surrounded by chalk doodles of activities of where they wanted to be in the future. This friendly approachable brand was then taken by our digital team to create a functional and vibrant school website with resources for parents such as newsletters, PTA information and learning information. This website is complemented by our bright photography, which allowed the in-situ imagery of children surrounded by the chalk doodles.

Stoke Park Schools is for children to learn, discover and become who they are, whilst enjoying the adventure.

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