The Executive Foundation is a members club which thrives on inspiring CEOs, Directors and Leaders into building better businesses and, in turn, impacting their communities.

 In our experience, case studies are great but actually getting someone on video testifying about how much they have benefited from our clients’ input is something else.

So how did we make people look so comfortable on the Executive Foundation testimony videos? Well, we took away the camera staring out the person being interviewed. We asked them questions, and as they talked to us, kept the camera rolling. This left us with a more natural approach that not only feels more authentic but engages the audience more.

These videos formed the basis of an email campaign, were used on social media and are housed on the Executive Foundation’s website. They are also added to each email signature allowing people to see the impact at any time.

As more people join the Executive Foundation, you’ll be seeing them sharing their experiences regularly.

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