GL Integrity are committed to producing fresh and original content for both potential and existing clients.

Their whole proposition centres on investing around purpose, that in order to grow anything you first need to be committed to the end goal. This narrative had been created through the branding journey as we led with GL Integrity ‘The XYZ of Investment’.

We recognised very early on in the process that much of what GL Integrity were doing was benefiting the generations following the Baby Boomers, namely Gen X, Y and Z. So rather than the ABC’s of investment, we felt it right to position the brand around a future focussed approach.

We have helped build this concept of purposeful investment, by educating and equipping people via blogs, case studies and copywriting across all communications. This amazingly rich pool of value added content reaches people via social media, the website and regular emails, inspiring them to dream big and live a life on purpose.

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