Footage for Purpose

Building a short video to share the journey investors take when working with Andrew and the team at GL Integrity was one challenge we were prepared to embrace.

Working with the Managing Director, Andrew Stinchcomb we asked a series of questions that would inspire while mixing in footage from a library that would fit. Stock video can often look cheesy and very American, but our team spent time to find shots that would enhance the story of purpose and journey to a UK audience. Using a mix of location based imagery and stock shots gave us a great opportunity to combine interview with narration by Andrew. We framed the whole video with the brand that we created giving a professional touch with the addition of captions and logo idents.

In addition to the promotional video featuring Andrew Stinchcomb, a testimonial from one of his clients was also filmed, using similar techniques the Production department told her story through the edit.

The result were videos that explained how to invest purposefully with GL Integrity and illustrated the importance of being focussed on values based financial planning.

These videos allowed us to create simple social media posts with shorter versions of the videos edited and pointing towards the full version on the website. They were even included at the bottom of each automated blog email to GL Integrity’s database.

The result. A purposeful story.

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