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Give your message momentum.

How to Create Videos That Will Promote Your Brand Without Breaking the Bank

When you’re just starting out or trying to get your brand off the ground, video can have a tremendous impact on your conversion rates.  Syndacast predicts that “74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.” So now is the perfect time to get to grips with this all-important medium.

Depending on the length and quality of your video, it can be more time-consuming to create, compared to other types of marketing content, such as newsletters or blog posts. To ensure that you get the best return for the time and resources that you invest in your video content, it’s best to follow a few tried and tested methods.

Videos come in all shapes and sizes and you should tailor the length, content, and story of your video to meet the specific needs of your customer. Video can be a great way to engage them on social media or promote your website.

Video can also complement your other marketing content. You can use videos as an alternative medium to a blog post (where you share the same or very similar content, using video) or as a sneak-peak into the lives of the people behind your brand. Check out this recent video we made for Oportfolio, a mortgage company based in London, to share how they raised  a staggering £2100 for the Shelter charity by taking part in the Cheltenham Challenge Run.

Short and snappy videos always go a long way. If you’re looking for some inspiration and a professional finish, our team of video editors and designers will be happy to get their hands on your next marketing project. This Video Marketing 101 guide will also give you more tips about the types of videos that exist out there, and which formats could be most beneficial for your brand.

When your video is ready to go, remember to always share it across all of your social media networks. According to HootSuite, having video on your social media networks is the best way to capture ‘the all-important 18 to 33-year-old demographic.’ You should have an active profile for your brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as a minimum. Since the latter is a business-oriented social networking service, you may want to pick and choose which videos to post on LinkedIn in particular.

Cre8ion can help you create stunning videos that capture your audience and speaks their language. To find out how we can help you boost your marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

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