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Understanding who you really are.


Understanding who you really are.

Belief – It starts with belief in your brand

Getting clear on your brand mission (purpose), brand vision (the end goal) and brand values (the boundaries that
help you make the right choices).

Getting clear on your brand mission (purpose), brand vision (the end goal) and brand values (the boundaries that help you make the right choices).

Belief, Cre8ion

Discover what it means to have belief in your brand

When building your brand the first ‘B’ to address is belief. Belief in you. Why does your business exist? Many brands don’t know what they stand for even though they have a call to action. We want to help you create a ’cause to action’, with a mission, then a vision and values.

Belief Wheel, Cre8ion

Our Belief Process

Our process will help you to gain clarity around your mission (purpose), vision (the end goal) and values (the boundaries that help us to make the right choices).

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Discovery Call

When you tell the right story, you will get the right enquiry. To be unique in the marketplace, not only does the product or service need to be good, but the real strategy lies in a clear story. Book a discovery call today and start writing yours.

Belief Discovery Call, Cre8ion
Belief Purpose Playbook, Cre8ion
Purpose, Cre8ion

Purpose Playbook

Using our Purpose Playbook we’ll build you a purposeful brand (that will outperform brands without purpose) and give you a message behind the method. Your brand will inspire belief, create belonging, become the best in its sector and go beyond expectations.

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Creative Strategy

Our creative strategy process delivers three possible creative concepts that best frame your narrative and create empathy with the audience’s situation. They must also communicate how you add value to support your audience to achieve their goals. The three will range from a conservative approach which fulfils your brief to another that pushes the creative boat out and then on to a third, ‘no limits’, creatively explosive concept. It’s up to you to choose which concept tells your story in the best way.

Belief Creative Strategy, Cre8ion
Belief Brand, Cre8ion
Brand, Cre8ion


Brand tells the right story to get the right enquiry. The objective of the brand build is to ensure that empathy is created that engages your audience, and to demonstrate how you add value (impact) consistently. We’ll make your mission, vision and values core to every communication, affecting every ‘touch point’ and inspiring action. With the narrative established we will be able to build out your story in the form of your brand and brand assets.

Design, Cre8ion


The site map of your website should take people on a clear journey and give everyone the opportunity to build a long term relationship. Working with you we will establish the site map and define the customer journey that will integrate the new brand. The NEW identity and brand story will then be applied to your website to give it its own unique feel.
We’ll make sure that your website mirrors both the need and identity of the person viewing it, so that you can unlock the potential of story. Tell the right story, get the right enquiry. People will be more inclined to leave their information and ultimately turn from enquiries to clients and ultimately life long advocates.
Belief Design, Cre8ion
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Website, Cre8ion


Your website is where people will essentially ‘go deeper’ into your brand, it’s your main shop window and should be seen as your credibility hub. Your website must not only engage with social, but feature more than a few hidden buttons at the top of the page. Instagram is a great way of creating a visual blog on the homepage of a site and powerful behind the scenes footage will aid your credibility using a ‘document not create’ strategy – taking shots as they happen.

When we build your new website it will be purposeful and secure, allowing it to scale as your business does. Our focus is to build you a site that clearly communicates to multiple audiences and positions you to deliver the regular content that Google loves.

Video, Cre8ion


Video content is absolutely essential to engage an audience for marketing. Clarity creates currency! There’s nothing like video on your homepage to put your audience in the frame. Equally, creating videos featuring your satisfied customers means suspects and prospects don’t just take your word for it – they can watch and see. When you have successful people advocating, you’ll get people’s attention. Short video content is very popular on social media and, as you scale, any longer form video should always have edited shorter clips to point people towards the website.

Belief Video, Cre8ion
Belief Content, Cre8ion
Content, Cre8ion


Google have gone on record and said they will reward content over paid advertising. Using a more content-based strategy will produce sustainable results, and including all the right search terms in all your content touch points (blogs, videos, social media) will give you multiple opportunities of being found.
Cre8ion are about creating content, adding value first and then securing relationships which you nurture over time. A content-based strategy allows you to continually add value and elevate yourself as an authority in your field.

Belief: Recent Projects

We build brands that inspire belief and create belonging, to become the best in their sector and go beyond expectations.

Our process all starts with the Purpose Playbook, a workshop that will get to the core of your value proposition and clarify how you can connect with customers.

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