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Give your message momentum.

Survived year one? It’s now time to thrive in year two

You may have come across the infamous statistic that 90% of start-ups fail to survive the first 18 months. But you buckled up and kept going, landing safely with the remaining 10% who do make it. You’ve probably identified new areas within your business where your focus is needed now, with new challenges presenting themselves to you. Customer retention may be high on your list of priorities, and you may be wondering how to grow your team in a sustainable way.

At Cre8ion, we have a passion for helping start-ups thrive because they present new, exciting ventures and demonstrate that with enough drive, passion, and creative thinking, anything is possible. Over the years, we have helped launch several companies and built a sustainable and engaging marketing strategy for a number of start-ups, remaining by their side for years to come. We want to share this experience with you as you enter your second year.

Customer expectations

According to Forbes, the main reason why start-ups eventually fail is because they make products that no one is interested in buying. This shows that meeting your customer expectations plays a crucial part in the success of any business. Even if you know your customers, their expectations may change, as your company grows and expands. The key to success is always being able to identify who your customers are, knowing their needs and then finding of meeting those needs.

At Cre8ion, we never guess or make assumptions about who your customer might be. Our process always begins with a workshop where we sit down with you and your team, listening to what you already know about your market. In this way, we gather information that would help us understand your audience and eventually produce marketing content that would engage them.

The expectations of your team

When things are going great for your business, and you find yourself in a constant flow of work, it’s easy to let things slide on the inside. But knowing what your team is expecting from the business and understanding the individual vision that every member of your team harbours, is an important part in the process of cementing your new brand.

Our workshops are built in a way that every team member gets a chance to express their individual vision for your company. This helps you understand their expectations and where these expectations meet yours. Using our knowledge to facilitate the workshop, we prompt you to come up with a vision and mission statement for your business together to give everyone in your team a chance to feel part of the process and have a sense of belonging to your brand.

At Cre8ion, we love watching start-ups grow and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. You can find out more about our winning workshops on our previous blog posts or contact us today to find out how we can help you thrive.

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