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Cre8ion: Meet the Team – Simon Cowling, Head of Digital

“One of the first project briefs I ever received was delivered on a ‘post it’ note,” Simon says, reminiscing on his early days in Cre8ion as a volunteer. It’s been a steep climb to becoming the Head of Digital.

Simon’s journey is a testimony to what one can do with a pioneering spirit. Starting out as a volunteer with Cre8ion, Simon took the opportunity by its horns. Having some basic skills in Photoshop, he progressed to learn everything from video editing to building websites and apps. He is a big believer in what the digital world can offer, having built his skills from the ground up, relying heavily on the resources available online.

The digital world is a playground for the multi-skilled

“I officially trained as a photographer, came in as an art-worker and worked as a video editor before moving onto web development,” Simon says. Rather than sticking to one medium, he likes to take advantage of what the digital world can offer, gaining expertise in everything from film and photography to web and apps. He now has a range of skills and a strong, competitive portfolio, making him indispensable to the rest of the team. “I can function in pretty much any area of Cre8ion.” His ‘hands on’ approach and ability to deliver increasingly winning creative and technical direction across a vast array of client projects is one of Cre8ion’s biggest assets.

Having a ‘Yes-man’ attitude can define your success

But success isn’t always defined by your skillset – having the right attitude is paramount to the progress of any job. Simon’s attitude has played a major role in his own progression in the team. “One day I was asked if I knew how to build a website. At the time had little experience, but I gave it a go anyway.” And this has been Simon’s response ever since. Where other people might tear their hair out and hand a job back, concluding that they don’t have the necessary skills or experience, Simon sees every issue as an opportunity to learn something new. He has the unique ability to get the most out of any technology. When asked ‘Is it possible?’ Simon always has a ‘yes’. And if he doesn’t have the answer immediately, you can be sure to be amazed when he comes back, having worked it out to a tee.

Working on inspiring projects

Because of his desire to learn and grow, projects that are under constant development inspire Simon the most. One of the favourite projects has been the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, London. The project started with Cre8ion building a sleek minimalist website to showcase the gallery’s investment art exhibits. Since then, the gallery’s digital exposure has been growing and expanding as Cre8ion continue to deliver web development and videos to showcase their next shining star in the art world. In all these areas of development, Simon’s wide range of skills and abilities have been particularly useful.

The best advice is always simple

When asked if he can give one digital hack that any start-up could use right now to make their website better, Simon’s answer is short and concise. “Do simple really well, rather than complex badly.” And if you’re looking to spruce up your website or invest in some new stunning videos that could boost your marketing strategy, Simon and the rest of our talented team at Cre8ion might just have the answer. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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