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Give your message momentum.

How to Use ‘Power Words’ in Digital Marketing

Words are little bundles of energy. Some are more highly charged than others. In copywriting, such words are called ‘power words’. Here are three of the most powerful words in digital marketing, and how to use them.


This is a simple, yet effective way to address your audience head-on. Instead of using third-person narration, speak directly to your customer. Better still if you can address a feeling or a concern that your potential client has. For instance, we use this ‘power word’ when writing social media posts for our clients GL Integrity Financial Planning. They offer an ethical, reasoned and lifestyle approach to comprehensive financial planning and advice, and their values are centred around discovering purpose, inspiring integrity and deepening relationships. Using ‘you’ is the perfect match for this brand, and it helps to communicate these values in a direct and personal way.


Research done by the Harvard professor and psychologist Ellen Langer reveals that adding the magic word ‘because’ at the end of a request makes people more likely to oblige that request – even if the reason doesn’t make any sense. Observe her famous study, where she asked people to break in on a busy line to a copying machine on a college campus, and the responses she recorded.

Social Media Digital Marketing Brand Marketing Marketing Strategy 1, Cre8ion

Consequently, ‘because’ is a powerful word to use in copywriting when trying to persuade your customers to use your products or services.


We all love novelty, and nothing spells novelty like the word ‘new’. But research shows that there is a difference between experiential purchases (where people buy or sign up in order to attain a certain experience or a feeling) and material ones. Experiential purchases tend to increase in value long after the experience has taken place, whereas the opposite is true for materialistic purchases (such as products). So, even if you have a loyal customer base, make sure you feed them every now and then with an innovative product, a brand refresh, a brand new offer or a promotion. And when you do, don’t forget to label it as ‘new’ or ‘brand new’.

Social Media Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy Brand Marketing 2, Cre8ion

Screenshot from when our clients Al Bacio launched a brand new menu, we made sure that the word ‘new’ stood out when promoting it on their website.

Is your brand in need of a refresh? Contact our friendly team of professionals today, to see how we can help.

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