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Give your message momentum.

Social Media: Get Your Content Right!

Do you have several social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram? Do you know what each channel can do for your brand? When it comes to brand marketing, it’s good to be aware of the pros and cons of each social media channel, so you can tailor your messages and use it to its full potential.


Twitter caused a storm last year with its announcement to extend the usual 140 character limit for posts to a whopping 280. But this hasn’t changed the way the platform is used when it comes to brand marketing. Despite the short message length (which places tweets in the category of ‘microblogging’) the advantage of Twitter is that you can follow anyone – your customers, business partners and even competitors. And instead of shouting what’s great about your business, give your followers content that they’ll love. For example, answer their most burning questions and give them useful information about a topic that may help them in their current job role (for example, see our Twitter post below, offering our followers tips on successful copywriting). You can also use hashtags to group people into different topics and make your posts more targeted. Social media platforms such as Hootsuite also allow you to see all the posts where your Twitter or company profile has been mentioned.


In stark contrast to Twitter, where business accounts make up only a portion of the total number of user accounts, LinkedIn has been a professional social media networking site ever since its launch in 2003. Designed for the sole purpose of building and promoting professional connections, LinkedIn allows you to promote your business, connect with other business partners, conduct competitor market research and tell your company story. Just make sure that you integrate the posts you’re creating into your overall brand marketing strategy, so they align with your overall message. LinkedIn has other uses, too – if you’re on the lookout for people to hire, you can promote job opportunities via your company page to open up the field of applicants, and reach out to professionals who might fit the role.


Instagram is an incredibly popular social media platform, but it doesn’t fit the needs of every business. The focus is on visual content, so before you even start posting, you need to make sure that the nature of your business matches this type of content. For instance, promoting an oil rig on Instagram just won’t work, no matter how much visual content you create. On the other hand, promoting restaurants, fashion brands and other businesses whose values naturally call for visual content, will work wonders on Instagram. It’s also a great platform for getting reviews and connecting with ‘social influencers’, as in the case of our clients Al Bacio, the Italian restaurant based in Bristol, who received a lovely review from @the_pizza_crew.

Instagram also works really well for our clients GL Integrity Financial Planning as the content we produce for them is very visual. We manage several social media platforms for them, so here’s a quick tip. If you’re automatically reposting content from another social media account, such as Facebook, onto Instagram, this platform will not recognise any links you’ve added. So you need to edit each post before it goes live if you have included a website link in there.

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