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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

No Budget, No Brand…No Problem!

Anyone who has not started their own business has no idea what it’s like. The long hours, the responsibility, the amount of time spent working, thinking and strategising. YOU know that your company is the best, your staff get it and your customers love you. You just need to get the word out there!

There are other small businesses in your field doing the same thing, working just as hard as you, trying to speak to the same people. So what will give you an edge without costing much?

Well, take it from us, the first thing you need is a decent brand to get you more attention and build the trust of your chosen audience. You only have one chance to make a first impression and a good brand is the key to success.

No budget for a decent brand?

No problem!! Cre8ion has come up with a new product, Genesis Brands, an automated, online branding platform, making great, inexpensive branding available to everybody.

As an automated branding system Genesis Brands offers a myriad different options to customise colours, imagery and other elements of your brand to best reflect your company.

Within minutes of logging into Genesis Brands and answering a number of questions you can have a brand online and the tools are instantly accessible. The questions help you to articulate your USP and mission statement as well as refining the way you want to address your target audience.

The Genesis Brand copywriting matrix identifies the tone, register and vocabulary that gives your company a distinctive voice that your chosen audience will listen to. You can sound confident, capable and consistent across all your communications, including social media. You will also develop a concise mission statement that captures the essence of what you do and why you do it.

A Genesis Brand will establish your credibility, reinforcing the sense that your business is a reputable, consistent expert in your field. Having a Genesis Brand will make it easier for your customers to refer you, as your company becomes more memorable and recognisable, guaranteeing future business.

21 03 2019 Email Genesis Pricing Image 3 1024x855 1 1024x855, Cre8ion

The price of an automated brand starts at £179.00, giving you a digital brand book, company logo files, brand font files, downloadable imagery, a copywriting matrix, brand ethos, social media profile and banner images, design examples and stationery file downloads. A hard copy brand book, full printed stationery pack and roller banner are also available at an additional cost.

Use a Genesis Brand to frame all the good service, products and advice that you offer. As people learn to trust your brand your company name becomes a byword for good practice and an authority in the marketplace.

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