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Give your message momentum.

Where sharing and caring gets long term traction as well as transactions

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We’ve all heard the saying, ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch…’ but if you want to engage today’s consumer, there is. Giving to potential customers is part of great content strategy management.

Businesses that understand the power of empathy connect with their audience because they are committed to solving the pain points that the audience are struggling to overcome. However, before people engage you need to tell them more… adding value isn’t just about a transaction it’s about building trust.

Companies that understand brand get the story piece, but adding value is giving potential clients information that’s useful even if they don’t become clients. B&Q, for example, have now created a “How To” YouTube channel (so some of us avoid painting ourselves into a corner).

Is it a risk? Yes, in some cases (more on that later) but what you share is demonstrating your knowledge, experience and ultimately what sets you apart. Besides, making your blog posts and free info searchable with appropriate keywords and phrases offsets any risk of giving it away.

Giving away your knowledge can be implemented fairly simply but its worth is determined by how memorable and useful it is. Think original content. Google rewards it, and people are searching specifically for it, but potential clients should feel the benefit of it.

For example:
If you are an online beauty products company then give away a .pdf with top tips for looking after your hair, or if you have the money invest a short video series only accessible once the interested party has given their details.

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Data collecting tools are important and by getting email addresses you begin to build a lead base, that over time can become your fan base. You need to have the mindset that if potential clients don’t make a purchase today, they can later.

Even more important is organising that data and integrating CRMs into your website to fuel business growth.

Once someone has submitted their details, be committed to them by continually adding value. Discounts, regular blogs, invitations to events, or even sharing secret information before anyone else (new product launch).

The question usually asked by people unfamiliar to the idea of adding value and lead nurturing is that it feels like shooting yourself in the foot. Giving away too much information for free rather than making people pay for it seems self destructive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Supermarkets give samples away for free, and in the digital landscape this is what we are doing. Not everyone will buy immediately but if the taste and experience is good, people will engage further.

So there’ll be a few secrets and game changing strategies that you will want to keep private, and that’s fine, you’re allowed, but with Google people can discover answers if they look harder. For a service based business, you can point potential clients in the right direction and become a knowledgeable resource and showcase what else you offer.

Communication develops trust and as people get to know you, they can breathe a sigh of relief that they don’t have to go online searching for information and then do a less than professional job themselves. You become the expert voice!

Lastly, as visitors engage with your brand the motivation of giving away free content is rewarded…
“The products/services must be really great if the free stuff is this good!”

You can solve the problems of your potential customers by giving away information but ultimately that information will turn into business the more helpful you are.

Givers win and when you establish a great fan base and see your business grow and become surrounded by advocates, it might be an idea to treat yourself to lunch!

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