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Give your message momentum.

Saving Your Business Time, All The Time

cre8ion how to save your business time all the time

Building a great brand for your business means taking time out to reflect on what you are doing, why you are doing it and who you are doing it for. Having done this, you will be better positioned to present your product or service in the most engaging way to your audience.

Can you afford this time? Well, unfortunately, for a lot of busy start ups the answer is a resounding “No!” This is why we have developed a process which takes the pressure off and minimises the amount of time business owners need to spend wrangling with their “whys and wherefores”.

Our process involves a phased approach, creating brands that tell consistent, powerful stories across all communications, saving the business owner time in both the long and the short run.

Sand Timer Blog 10 05 2019, Cre8ion

We establish our clients’ “why” in a workshop, that’s the first step of the process, enabling us to establish a client’s mission, vision and values and set expectations. Actual cost of time to business owner – workshop four hours, feedback four hours.

The second step of the process is a creative strategy where we build a full 360 degree marketing strategy. Our marketing knowledge and creative thinking, combined with the information gathered in the workshop produces three creative brand concepts. All the client has to do is pick one. Actual time spent by business owner – could be as little as ten minutes!

The third step is the brand build. We get to work behind the scenes to produce an in depth brand guide document outlining typefaces, logo use, imagery and more, all packaged and supplied digitally. Office design, vehicle graphics, business stationery. The brand is available now at the touch of a button. Actual time spent by business owner – zero hours.

The fourth step is where our talented team implement the brand across multiple media streams. While the business owner takes some much needed rest a branded website is created, complete with regular editorial content using SEO tools as well as stunning photography, promotional videos, social media and visual print. Actual time spent by business owner – zero hours.

The fifth and final step is client services, where we provide ongoing support for any issues, whether it’s website updates, changes to current services or to get feedback on how the brand is working. We make ourselves available to make working together successful. Actual time business owner spends worrying or listening to voicemails – zero hours.

At Cre8ion we love helping people to connect with their audience and succeed in their businesses. Could Cre8ion save you time today?

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