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Give your message momentum.

Make an Intelligent Choice Rather Than a Limited One When Building a Website For Scale.

So someone got caught napping or at least trying not to take a much needed nap during an important debate about …what was it again? Ah yes, that was it… something about Brexit.

E9D8E5AC E2C4 44D3 94BF 8A954A70A65F 957x1024, Cre8ionJoking aside, though, it does seem cruel to expect members of parliament to be on their game at any time of the day or night. It’s a shame that some of the decision making can’t be taken care of using AI or some kind of drag and drop solution… That way personality clashes would not hinder parliamentary debate and everyone could get a good night’s sleep during times of national crisis. Perfect…

Or is it? Who wants a robot representing them in government? We want responsible, honourable, flesh and blood ladies and gentlemen to stand up on our behalf. Emotional intelligence over artificial intelligence. Maybe there are some jobs which are best done by human beings.

How about website building? Can an online website builder solution produce a website that is cheaper and just as functional as one made by a designer? I mean, you can even get an attractive, functional site online with a free website builder. Imagine that, a website for free, even offering free hosting as part of the package. Perfect…

Or is it? If you build your own website using a website builder (or even a free website builder ) will it have too many limitations? And what exactly will those limitations be?

There is certainly various functionality that your website will only have if you pay for it.

If you opt for a free, online website you’ll miss out on vital functionality such as being able to accept secure payments and customise your SEO settings to perfection with plugins such as YOAST SEO. Worse, you won’t have your own dedicated domain name, so rather than, it will look like Lastly, your site will include irremovable adverts placed by the website builder company, distracting from your company brand experience.

So, if you decide to pay to use tools such as Shopify, Wix or Squarespace to help you, is there anything you are missing out on that working with a web designer or agency would give you?

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How about the following?
• The ability to do detailed Search Engine Optimization.
• Customizable integrations with API’s.
• Your website will have themes unique to your business
• Solid code foundation that allows you to scale
• You’ll enjoy a bespoke customer journey
• You can scale your server as you scale

It is also true that a well designed, good looking website, made to order by a web designer will make your brand look great, improve experience and increase visitors’ confidence in your business.

The value of a well-designed website, however, hinges on more than just the way it looks and its functionality. The best website will encapsulate your brand and the benefits of your product or service, pinpointing the problem you solve.

Take for example the Cre8ion built GL Integrity website (GL Integrity are the investment arm of a Bristol-based law firm). The whole website is geared around the step by step journey GL Integrity take their clients through. It’s literally an online version of what they do face to face with their clients.

This kind of bespoke design and user experience simply isn’t possible with template-built websites. Even better…there was also room for expansion of the GL Integrity website when they wanted to add in their F.I.T for Purpose questionnaire. Bespoke expansion of this nature would not be possible either with template websites.

If you decide to use Cre8ion to design and build your website you will benefit from our process which will help you to “get your story straight” and clarify your vision and values.

We will ensure that your website is intelligent in both design and functionality. We’ll preview your website user journey and user experience using Sketch as a prototyping tool and get it right before you commit to code. Our team of experts will help you identify the exact pain point that you solve and how your brand will communicate this through every aspect of your website in such a way as to resonate with your target market. The team will be there to support you throughout the journey and beyond.

A website made by our design team will not only have a great look and functionality but will understand and capitalise on the human element. It’ll be much more than just a pretty face.

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