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Give your message momentum.

How to move in the best circles

Circles are infinite. They symbolise infinity because they have no end and no beginning. 

Life is made up of circles, and so is our potential to succeed in business.

The inner circle:

We all have an inner circle that recharges our batteries. Whoever you have in that circle will ultimately determine the kind of future you will live in business and in life. The right people in your circle will bring you the strength and confidence you need in troubled times and inspire you to push beyond.

The outer circle:

The outer circle knows no limits and can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

The outer circle isn’t confined by boundaries – it’s outside the inner circle. It represents the opportunity that every single one of us have.

The line of the circle:

This is the boundary that frames your world. It’s the defining line. It’s why you are here.

It’s the constraint you put around yourself that defines you. It’s purpose. Without it, everything blends and there’s nothing to pin your hope, trust, confidence in.

Here’s a little exercise to try at home.

Step 1

Pick a pen up and draw a circle. It will be unique, with a size and colour of its own. It’s individual to you. That circle, the line that you drew, represents you and your purpose. 

Step 2

Now write around the circle the thing you are most gifted at. Don’t be shy, you know what it is. For some of us it’s creativity, for some it’s public speaking, for some it’s being a great friend. 

Step 3

Now, in the inner circle, write down the people you know who encourage you to be that gifted person. You might only have room for a few people because not everyone actually knows what your true gift is. Those that do have been telling you for years that’s what you are, that that’s what you should be. You see, you might be a success in business but somehow what makes you ‘you’ has gotten lost. 

Step 4

In the outer circle you have an opportunity to express your gift and affect the world around you. Now write in the space outside your inner circle all the opportunities you have to exercise your gift. If your gift is giving then make a note of all the places you could give. How could you help? If your gift is innovation in a certain area then write about the impact that you could have. Who you need to meet, where you take it, who you could impact.

My inner circle

My wedding ring is a circle. It’s a commitment and it goes deep.

In our western culture we seem to have lost the idea of marriage being a covenant. A covenant never ends, or at least it’s not supposed to. When I got married I drew a line. That same year, I quit pretending and started being who I was supposed to be. For me, marriage was a defining point and I grew up. I made a choice to use my creativity for good.

In my inner circle are my wife and children and the key people that speak into my life. They encourage me to express my creativity. I filled my inner circle with people that would celebrate me and my gift and not distract me from it. I try to encourage them to express their gifts too.

My outer circle

The outer circle became a place of influence for me. When I launched our brand marketing agency I decided to help others discover their purpose and express it creatively to engage a crowd and lead, serve and impact. The circle reminds me of a continued commitment to live life on purpose and what that looks like is unique to me. The inner circle contains all of those who remind me of who I am and it’s where I draw my strength from. It’s a place where I can be open and honest with the people who recharge me to go into the outer circle, confident. In the outer circle are the places and people I can impact.

Circle the Globe

The world is a pretty big place but we all have a responsibility to reach out to others and to show up in their circle. The good news is that once you know what your circle stands for (gifting, purpose) and you have the right people in your inner circle, you’ll be able to create a lasting impact on those outside your circle. The ends of the earth are your only boundary!

You are more than a business person, but what you do in business should be an expression of your gifting. The true reward comes when your business and your purpose align. The world is one big circle and while you’re on it you’re allowed to express who you are, the only limit on you is that of time! A life lived on purpose has impact and a voice long after you are gone. Make your time count!

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