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When the law of averages needs to be broken

The law of averages doesn’t work for me… I believe that it can even affect situations negatively… The law of averages says that by taking a large, diverse group and averaging it out we all get what we want and need. It does work when sharing out food, for example, as it ensures that everyone gets something BUT even then, what about the difference in appetites between a larger person and a smaller person? Someone is going to end up really full and someone will still be hungry…

When it comes to clothing it gets really bad as the law of averages has made the assumption that by sizing everything around S M L XL all bases are covered. What a mistake. I remember the pain of trying to fit into a size 36in waste in H&M which had been just fine in another shop… you see many people try and squeeze into something that is ‘supposed’ to fit that isn’t actually tailored to fit them. I have footballer’s legs, and when I asked my fellow football players about H&M trousers they all laughed and told me they had had similar challenges. 
For women it’s definitely a lot worse, with such a number of different shapes to fit a relatively narrow range of sizes. It makes me think that in a world of mass production the law of averages serves the manufacturers’ need and it’s actually about making money rather than serving the customer’s need. The point is, no one size fits all.
Our brand marketing agency builds brands that translate into websites. We do have packages but we always offer options to tailor the fit… it’s this approach that has created success. The car industry has figured this out too… adjustable seats and accessories on top of a baseline model makes so much more sense. 
Personalisation is underrated but with the brands we follow it’s becoming more important! Sports brands are adopting it, customising not just the look but the fit. You’ll pay more but when something fits, wow, you feel good. Now, on the rare occasion I find a set of trousers that fit, I buy multiple pairs because it happens so rarely!
The secret to looking and feeling good is FIT not SIZE! 
Your company needs to have clients that FIT! It’s not about chasing size. I promise you, chasing size gets you compromising on FIT and ultimately that becomes uncomfortable for both parties.
I believe that our brand marketing agency, Cre8ion, is not average. Thanks to a fantastic team effort, we are great at what we do, we’re expert story tellers. We work to tailor the needs of the audience (not the client’s assumptions) to the narrative. It’s that process of validation that helps businesses serve their customers better.
So, don’t go for average, go for great. Average never truly meets the needs of everyone. Having a target market and knowing it well makes you an expert and you’ll do great things to serve that market. Many of our clients, for example, serve a target market made up of entrepreneurs and, whether it’s investing or marketing luxury goods, we have a pretty good understanding of who they are marketing to. Understanding your target market is the first step on the road to greatness.
People need to feel like they are understood before they are wed to an idea. That’s why I hate with a passion the DM after a random ad on LinkedIn. Lazy marketing and lazy sales annoy me! It’s like a ‘law of averages’ kind of approach. Kiss enough frogs and you’ll manage to kiss a Prince or Princess. Nope, that’s called desperation. The opposite of confidence. It’s self sabotage.
Know your audience and how your story connects with them. These are the two best pieces of advice I can give you. Don’t waste time on things that don’t fit, give them away. We can’t help everyone as an agency because their budgets won’t allow for where they are on their journey. That’s why we are working on a new product that will enable us to serve them better. In the meantime, if you have low belief, work to a low budget to build your confidence.
If you have low belief, then you’ll have a low budget. Some people will debate the cost of 30 years experience and rather pay for pain in instalments! Why not seek experts if you want to get things done speedily? If speed is a priority you will need to pay a higher cost. If you invest to gain the level of insight you need then speed won’t be the only benefit! Great expectations are fulfilled with great investment. Low investment, low expectations. Sadly, often people attempt low investment with great expectations.
The best way to overcome this low investment hurdle is to have an entry level product that builds confidence and trust in your customers. If, after a season, you have more confidence and clarity you know it’s working!
So, by building belief you build budget! People buy confidence and it’s your job to give them that, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’d love to help you find the right fit.

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