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Give your message momentum.

Upgrading your life is uncomfortable but you need to do it now

A few weeks ago our team did an audit on our tech as we get ready for our office’s reopening. We want to rebuild better so we looked at our machines in the office and at what everyone needed, trying as best we could to accommodate the ‘new normal’ in our world of brand marketing. 

In that process, it made sense for me to switch from my current iMac – which has served me well during the pandemic and replace it with a new one. We decided that the larger one would serve the team better with its 27” screen, and I would save some space at home.
So, we invested in a new machine. Simple. Only, as with everything, the change was a bit uncomfortable – just packing the old machine down was a process! Those Apple box masterpieces require a Youtube video to pack back up! Not to mention backing up all the files on the desktop! I can see though that he new machine and experience is going to be one of my life’s small pleasures! The box designs are a work of art. Navigating the new kit, getting everything installed, and then I was essentially back to where I started, only primed for a better future. 
Next morning, this is the third blog I’ve written and I’m in the zone. The new machine is making me feel more productive! The keyboard seems more responsive – I’m adjusting to my new investment well!
Upgrading often seems like it’s not worth the effort. Life would definitely be simpler without the confusion and the late night spent sorting everything out for the next working day. Still, what kept me focussed was keeping the vision in sight. Namely, giving our team the tools they need for the job at hand, replacing machines and making best use of the ones we have. 
Over the coming weeks our team will be building a studio for our up and coming Podcast. We will be inviting people,
like you, to share your journey with us on the The Purpose Podcast. And, we’ll be giving more valuable content away to anyone who wants to build a ‘purpose driven’ business. Again, uncomfortable and messy with short term pain, but the long term benefit for us is amplifying our message. That anyone can build profitable, ethical businesses when you prioritise impact over income. 
When it comes to our businesses, the question we have to ask ourselves is, ‘Does what I’m building reflect what motivates me to get up each morning?’ And also, ‘Do my brand, website and media communications reflect it too?’ Often, that is not the case – we call it misalignment. 
Often over occupied, leaders make decisions dictated by circumstance rather than according to the conviction that made them start in the first place. That’s what Cre8ion can help you to fix. 
We won’t just sell you a website solution just because we can build great websites and we understand marketing. We like to get to the heart of the matter and help you put purpose back at the heart of your business. When you do that, your mission and vision will help you to build a company that transcends your own life. You’ll be free to lead and leave (go on holiday for example), rather than feel that the business owns you.
Alignment gets everyone ‘on side’ and ignites passion for purpose, both in you and your team. We can guarantee, with the Purpose Playbook, that by the end of the process you will have the clarity and confidence to invest in branding your company. Not because the tech has changed, or to keep up with others who have done the same. Just because it makes sense to.
The main reason for taking a fresh look at your brand is when you, as business owner, are looking forward to the weekend to escape the business. Unpacking the journey so far can be a bit uncomfortable, but you owe it to yourself, your team and your clients to endure the short term pain. To do the very best work everyone needs to be aligned and, when you get it right, great things happen.
Over this pandemic we have helped many business owners reignite their original passion for purpose and discover where and for whom they do their best work. In the process of reinvention they’ve adopted new things that have allowed them to work more quickly, smarter and more productively. 
As we emerge from lockdown, approaching the holiday season, you might find yourself wishing to take some time out but you can’t. Or you might be unclear about what ‘next’ looks like and lack confidence about the future despite your track record. Why not spend a half a day with the team at Cre8ion and discover how to lead with purpose? Infinite Possibilities.
I promise you, once we help you bring alignment, you’ll attract the best clients, the best team members, and fall in love with why you started all over again.

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