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We are living in a world that promotes distraction. Subscriptions that help us escape the world we are living in and that transport us into a different place.

The hundreds of subscriptions out there that will allow us a respite include movies, series (now known as box sets) and gaming.

Of course we can pay for other subscriptions that benefit our health, wealth and life choices. These might be fitness apps, education portals or signing up to podcasts with exclusive content with groups.

The knowledge economy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and since the covid years it has significantly altered the linear journey of higher education. Universities are facing a kick back against high fees for a piece of paper and much of what is being taught is behind the curve of what is needed. Signing up to subscription based knowledge is becoming a great option that takes the classroom home with us.

The service based world of development has been hit by both the emergence of no code tools and the speed of AI which will reduce the need for developers. Subscriptions are giving us access to tools and opportunities that we never had before.

It seems that everyone is used to paying for things by subscription. Even cars are obtained via the same method and it means you can change them every six months. it seems everyone is getting in on the act.

Why? Because for many of us it makes things easier to manage. We make lifestyle choices that allow us to do more with limited resources – we can choose what we do with them and spread it over time. So if it’s education, rather than paying large fees in one go, you can pay as you learn. One of our clients Learn All About Property is doing just that. Removing the obstacles of large cash deposits (actually save that for a deposit for a house) and educating yourself for a monthly fee. With various levels available you can learn at your pace and put Netflix down by upskilling yourself with life changing knowledge.

So… at Cre8ion, we are looking to help people access some of our services in the same manner using what we call Cre8ion Mix. Now this product line has been made available to existing clients who subscribe to our content creation journey and have seen some epic results. For example, awakening dead databases with content and added value and deepening client experience.

We have helped people grow their following through social media and established them as an authority with a steady flow of leads, Not by posting insights generated by chatGPT, rather though tried and test experience.

One of the key things we have seen repeated over the years is that retail trends begin to shape the business to business experience. However, subscription based software in business isn’t new and one could argue that business to business has influenced retail in this case. Remember clothing companies providing garments at a monthly fee, the catalogues delivering you different items each month.

The service based industries own version was a retainer arrangement. Yet, companies felt that, over time, they were not always getting the value they needed.

As a service based company we have listened and learned. Cre8ion mix is about to be launched, giving you the best of both worlds. A service that you can pay for on a monthly basis while determining the length and then increasing or scaling down depending on where your company is on the investment journey. It’s essentially removing any fear by allowing you to scale against results. Listen, if you are gaining clients though content, why wouldn’t you continue?

Subscriptions help you manage your cash flow and allow you to outsource your marketing to a team of people rather than one or two junior marketers under pressure to run your entire marketing machine. Hiring a social media executive because they are young and cheap isn’t always the best investment, even if you’ve they are young, techie and on TikTok!

We see this mistake all the time. Your voice is your brand to the outside world and although it’s good to invest in young people, without the expertise of an agency that gets storytelling on many levels, your marketing is going to be hit and miss at best.

Cre8ion Mix allows you to take advantage of experienced professionals who can support a young, eager and inexperienced in-house team, This means you don’t have to provide all the marketing answers as you look to close deals.

Sales and marketing work hand in hand. As a business owner, making sales is everything but marketing makes it easier. Think of golf. Marketing gets the ball to the green, sales taps it in. The better the marketing, the easier the putt, and if it’s done really well you’ll get a few hole in ones.

So, we are creating a wait list. A list of people who will get access to our NEW pay as you grow subscription service when we go LIVE giving them access to the very best in content marketing

Whether it’s blogs, social or even podcasts that are on your radar, you can begin the journey on your terms and scale as you see results.

At Cre8ion we love authority based marketing and establishing you as the voice in your sector by doing things that your sector fails to do well – marketing. Rather than making it a core activity it’s been relegated to a side hustle. It needs real commitment to get great results. We can help you make sure that the activities you are putting into place are joined up and systemised so that you start following up on the fresh opportunities that content creation creates.

So if that is you and you really do want to step out from doing it yourself or from being an experiment for some fresh faced marketers learning the industry and using your cash as a resource, we can help you significantly.

When we hear people say that they’ve tried marketing and it didn’t work, or that they had some apprentices and it didn’t go to plan, we know that having a team behind your team solves both problems. Without a strategy and a story you’re playing at marketing. In a world of distraction you need a team that knows how you can get heard and heard and heard again.

Cre8ion mix is coming soon, and if you want to find out more then join the wait list and get access to what some of our clients are already loving!

Fix your marketing with Cre8ion Mix. Book a chat with our team here.

Cre8ion Mix – Wait List

Please register your interest if you would like to be among the first to have access to our Cre8ion Mix platform upon it’s upcoming launch.

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