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Give your message momentum.

London Calling

The last few weeks have been about levelling up for me. I’ve been going back to the place where I was once headed – until I tore up the rule book on career progression, that is. I decided that I had to pursue something deeper and I walked away from the allure of London and its cash to embrace a cause.

At the time, I wasn’t certain how it was all going to pan out but I hoped that there would come a time when an older and wiser me would look back and know that I had done the right thing.

London, our capital city, is a capital city for commerce, the world over.

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To be honest, when I go to London now, I feel like a country mouse coming to the big city, whereas before, I felt like a town mouse born and bred. Times have changed and I’ve changed too – I’ve lost the ‘me, myself and I’ mentally. When I visit London to do business I’m coming with more of a ‘How can I help?’ outlook.

The cars, the houses, the affluence and even the ostentatiousness, could make me feel as if I have fallen behind in my absence. However, with my perspective radically changed, none of that matters as much as positively impacting the people I serve!

I am now aware of the many people in the diversity of our capital who are hunting, searching and reaching for purpose. Sometimes, in a glance across the tube, you can see it. The daily grind, doing your best, but dying inside. You appear to be in the right place, but not doing the right thing. As I start to network, I realise people are wanting more… there is a hunger for alignment. Quite simply, people desire a more purposeful life.

That sounds like a bit of a sweeping statement and of course, I’m not talking about everyone. I get to know intentional folk every day who are on an exciting quest for the best.

My message is simple. You have a purpose. You can find it and build a life around it. You can find yourself and your family again. Maybe even, (like I did) you might find God in the process, but the key thing is knowing “Why now, why you and who can you do your best work with?”

Imagine a movement of companies at the heart of the capital wanting more and wanting to do better? Companies headed up by people who want to put impact ahead of income! Well, I’m pleased to say that this is happening, and we are already working with some, as well as establishing relationships with others. Not everyone will need our services but they may well need our contacts.

My key drive is to create impact. As a result, I’ll influence others positively so that they too can create a positive impact. That’s my jam. Helping people not to get blinded (like I did) by the lights of the city, losing themselves rather than helping others. I help people discover their identity, build it and double down on it.

So, whether you need support on your journey with The Crisis Catalyst, or you need to deep dive into your why and turn it into your must, we can give you the tools to tell your true story and attract your true people. We can build your purpose into the DNA of your business. That will get you noticed and keep your best people for the long term.

As we begin to immerse ourselves back into the networks and fabric of London, we can help others build purpose into their businesses with insights that have been years in the making. If you are interested in pursuing purpose, start where you are now, by listening to The Purpose People Podcast. It will inspire you to get going!

One of the most transformative things in my life was seeing how my values faded as I embraced a ‘me, myself and I’ culture. Today, I can spot that toxicity a mile off. Now, I am more certain than ever of who I am and who and how I can serve. Which is why London is firmly in our sights.

The most interesting thing I’ve seen since returning to London is the shift of people working three days per week. It seems that people have prioritised the things that matter. Working from home two days a week is positively changing the lives of families, and businesses are embracing fresh methodologies that create a better work-life balance.

London had been off my radar while I focussed on building a team and working to establish our team values to emphasise a methodology of serving over selling.

Today, it feels like we are ready to continue our story in another city…

The possibilities are infinite!

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