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Starting the right way

Start-up businesses need to start up the right way and for the right reasons… which might sound obvious, but entrepreneurship is not simple. It can be like a roller coaster and your reasons for starting help to temper your response to the ups and downs. 

I have heard young people say, “I don’t want to work for anyone else, I want to be my own boss,” and yes, you can be, BUT you are still going to have to work as if you did have a boss. 

There are going to be some days when you need encouragement and the only one who will encourage you is… you! Everyone else’s needs will be your responsibility – as Chief Problem Solver that’s the role you have taken on. 

That said, you can’t try to be God for other people. They need their faith and hope, they can’t just use yours, even though at times it might feel like that is what is going on. You don’t want to be anyone’s saviour though, because when you assume that role people want perfection and they won’t forgive you readily when they see your faults. 

Your role as the founder is to inspire people to be better, take responsibility for their lives and help them become fit for their purpose. You probably won’t receive the same back from others, the fact that you are brave enough to try to do something unconventional, in itself makes you special. 

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It’s the road less travelled again and there is a cost to travelling on it, so who is ready to pay the price? 

Those that want to join you on the journey need to know that they are signing up for the hard bits as well. They are making the same choice that you have made, so there will be risks as well as rewards and there’ll also be work! A lot of work. 

When you embark on a pioneering path the odds are invariably stacked against you, but that’s ok as long as you are willing to give it your all. 

If you think along these lines it will help you to remain focussed when other less resilient people draw back amid adversity. there will be times when it will seem easier to just go on an extended holiday. 

As you start, creating a great brand isn’t going to solve all your problems but it will give you confidence. 

It’s like getting new shoes, as they make you feel smart, put a bounce in your step and help you to feel a sense of authority. Or knowing that you’ve done your homework ahead of the exam. Everyone is judging you but, as you are ready, the people you care about will judge you fairly. 

The pursuit of purpose has good days and bad. There are days when people lose focus, frustrate their plans, and don’t appear to bring their A – Game. It can feel lonely, tiresome and hard. 

That is when you ask, ‘Is it worth it?’. Really? That is the price. To push through beyond an event and build. Build when no one else appears to catch it, build when you know your heart is right, and build when people would rather ask questions than get their hands dirty. 

The price of a start-up is having that deep desire that overlooks unfavourable circumstances because of a burning conviction that will ultimately lead to a place of impact and influence. 

Selling is serving, care enough to close. 

Many start-ups have a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality. What they are forgetting is that unless people want what you have, they won’t come. 

Selling lemonade successfully is all about caring enough about people’s thirst that you want to be the solution to their problem. If you don’t care, then you’ll just be another drink and people might just choose to drink water instead! Do you want your audience to experience the taste of something different? 

Your job is to create better experiences and not only leave people in a better place but lead people to a better place! The reason you make the sale is because you care, not just because you want to take their money. The money comes as a result of caring. The more you care, the more money you will make. 

Prioritise purpose and you find the right people. 

You will find many people to work with along the way, but the secret is finding those you are aligned with. 

The right people are the ones who are looking to elevate you, lift you and open doors that you won’t be able to open on your own. These people love to add value and they want others to win. 

You also need to be the right person, the one that makes the difference. You need to find people that you can lift, people for whom you can open doors and elevate them. 

Purpose becomes the uniting power. 

You see purposeful people know who they are. They have taken the time to find out and they are ready to pay a price. The pursuit of purpose is a priority because they know that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. 

Now, they might not have all the answers, the wisdom and insight they need but that is why you are there. Likewise, you will have areas where you need their input. 

Together, the right people make the right moves. They build together. They see each other as part of a circle. Always be ready to collaborate, create and chase the common cause of making a difference. 

Start-ups cannot lose sight of the finish. 

Start-up life isn’t easy and that is why not everyone does it. At times the work seems to outweigh the rewards. However, carrying the vision into the future will make all the difference. 

Over the years we have helped hundreds of start-ups, sown hours, gone over and above. I’ve noticed that the ones that win are prepared to do what others don’t. Put in the work, invest in themselves, ask deep questions, get rid of their ego and be driven by the impact they can make. They want to influence the world for the better. 

Your goal might be to exit, build a legacy or disrupt an industry. Being clear on your goals helps you to make the best choices and reminds you of why you started. 

The winners are those that stick to their ‘why’ because their ‘why’ runs so deep that it compels them, as their driving force/momentum maker. Their ‘why’ is a ‘must’. They have no other choice but to make their ‘why’ happen. The vision in their heart ensures that their head makes the right choices. 

If you are a start-up, then find people that understand the process that a start-up goes through, and transform your journey by investing in their wisdom and help.  

Why not make your start-up journey easier by having a conversation with us? 

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