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The recruitment world has taken a hit both in terms of demand and reputation over the past years. Huge fees and larger-than-life pictures of excess seemed somewhat offensive considering the unrelenting pressure the majority of SMEs have been under. However, amongst all this, Cre8ion picked up on a different frequency coming from two recruitment companies shining their light to change the face of recruitment. These two companies are a breath of fresh air, creating impact and caring about more than KPIs alone.

The two recruitment companies I’m referring to are Core3 and Fortice, who both have a desire to use their profits to do good and serve other people with rare humility. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and to help them with aspects of their brand, content and websites.

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Purposeful, Conscious Recruitment

Core3’s conscious recruitment creates opportunities for employees and employers with the Core3 method that places the right people inn the right place at the right time.

Leo, the CEO of Core3, decided to make a difference to people, the planet and progress as part of the finance recruitment industry. He started Core3 to place finance and accounting professionals and offer an unparalleled service in this sphere. He also decided to go further than that and with the “conscious recruitment” method, not only care for their candidates and clients but also consider Core3’s social responsibility and do something about it.

Since they launched in April 2022, Core3 have not only made the conscious decision to become a trusted partner, but they have chosen to pledge 3% of their sales to people, planet, and progress before they even make a penny…yes, that’s 3% of their sales revenue which is equivalent to 10-15% of their profit. Core3 are boldly declaring that they don’t have to make a profit to make an impact!

Core 3’s ethos for caring about people, planet and progress has been well received, especially as it is backed up by high-quality service. After all, recruitment should be all about people! It’s hardly surprising that it would gain itself a bad name for becoming all about the money!

Core3 support local charities Bristol Sport Foundation and Babbasa, so their profits are going back into funding the local community.

Bristol Sport Foundation coaches go out into the community delivering sport-led programmes every day of the week, using the power of sport to create active, healthy and happy communities across Greater Bristol. Babbasa works with Bristol employers, education providers and enterprise investors to overcome biases and create inclusive environments for young people to feel able and empowered to realise their ambitions and thrive. Core3 also support Ecologi a reforestation project. 

Learn more about Core3 at:


James, Stephen and Alex are the team who lead Fortice in the high-demand, fast-paced world of tech. They shape great teams for impact-led businesses through a purpose-driven approach.  

As recruitment consultants, Fortice work with cutting-edge tech talent for civil government as well as many other heavy-hitting players. They have created a network of software engineers working within the most secure areas of government building robust systems to keep people safe. Having placed many people in these key organisations, Fortice have played an important role in creating positive change in society, simply as a result of their daily work.

They weren’t content to stop there though! They also love investing their time, talent and treasure into local projects that are changing communities. Fortice partner with the “Community of Purpose’ and actively support their mission to transform the lives and futures of young people in Bristol. Community of Purpose run ‘The Break Free Program’ which targets holiday hunger by providing high-quality activities and free food for young people aged 8-13 during the school holidays. They also mastermind the ‘Bristol Together Championships’, helping children from Bristol primary schools in areas diverse in ethnicity, race, class, faith, and geography to connect and build friendships across perceived divides. Then, there’s the Bristol to Bordeaux trip which helps children to go from playing together to travelling together. After the Bristol Together Championship tournament, 20 children from four of the participating schools are selected to represent Bristol in Bordeaux on a fully funded three-day trip.

The entire Fortice team commit their time to supporting the Community of Purpose projects and Fortice have a financial arrangement in place as part of their promise to demonstrate purpose daily by pledging £250 for each permanent placement made.

Learn more about Fortice at:

It has been a real privilege for us to spend time working with purposeful companies such as Core3 and Fortice who don’t just ‘talk the talk’, but ‘walk the walk’. We love the fact that they are both focused on making a positive impact today and for future generations, by offering a fantastic service and by using some of the profits that they make to help other people and the planet.

Purposeful companies such as these are inspirational and as they continue to change the world they are in by creating impact and not just income, they will attract like-minded, purpose-driven people. This whole approach creates and sustains a culture of success, enabling businesses to attract more of the right kind of clients.

If you want to become more purposeful as a business, you can do our Purpose Questionnaire.

At Cre8ion we can help you to uncover purpose and provide solutions to ensure that your brand identity and online presence tell the right story across multiple media streams. Find out more:

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