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Purpose People Podcast – One Year Old

The Purpose People Podcast has been running for one whole year! 

We have enjoyed it immensely and have been blown away by the number of people who have wanted to join us on the sofa. 

Discussing purpose is a huge subject but it has created some of the most interesting and deep conversations, and all have contributed to helping people make decisions towards purposeful living. 

Watch the latest episode today by clicking the link below.

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For Purpose. 

Many of us make decisions that are at the expense of purpose. We work too hard or we get absorbed by so much entertainment that we never make time to discover it. We get so used to being distracted that purposeful thoughts are swallowed up and become passing thoughts. 

A decision for purpose doesn’t necessarily mean that we know where or what it is, BUT it means that we allow ourselves room to discover it. 

In our interviews, the key theme has been that of bravery. Being brave is making choices in your life that seem small but lead to accountability. 

Anyone living for a purpose has, at some point in their life, asked themselves the question of whether there was more to life… 

I did and then found myself leaving a well-paid position, getting re-educated and committing to serving others. 

So what changed? My income level went down, I lost connections with friends, moved house, suffered rejection, people questioned my motives, I was embarrassed, worried, anxious, restless, I struggled, and yet despite all this, my purpose kept growing. 

You see, a decision for purpose isn’t always easy. I didn’t wake up, quit my job and then everything was perfect. If I hadn’t been driven by purpose I would have ended up quitting again. 

You see, I quit because I knew my purpose. I knew that it wasn’t about me and as I took steps towards it I realised that the difficulties were part of the journey and wouldn’t go away. 

Purpose just gets loud enough to drown the difficulties out, and when you are living it you start to see new things. Hope, help, love, kindness, impact, income, relationships, new circles, countries, opportunities. Life takes on meaning when, before, life was about transaction rather than purposeful action. 

A decision for purpose is to discover it and make it a priority. That is the true meaning of living life to the full and I believe that we shouldn’t settle for less. 

On Purpose: 

Once you make a decision for purpose and you know what it is, then you have to remain on purpose. 

People have priorities but yours as a leader has to be one of purpose. Yes, there may be times when other people’s priorities obscure it but change comes to clear the fog. 

Purpose is so powerful, and somehow it always remains so. In our early days, clients who failed to fit fell away, not in a negative sense, but our directions changed and it made sense. Purpose has a way of resetting. 

As our business grew and people changed or moved on it opened fresh opportunities. Di9ital was birthed as a result of one such change when our lead developer was headhunted and eventually helped to set up and found a software company that he is still involved with. 

Remaining “on” purpose is about being intentional in our decision-making that helps us stay on mission, working towards our vision. 

Roles change at every level along the way and, for me, speaking opportunities continue to open up as well as travel. Will that mean a greater global influence? Yes. Will I be uncomfortable? Yes. Will the team grow and change? Yes, that is part of the process. 

Purpose is ensuring that the DNA of why you are doing what you are doing is upheld until it becomes less of a why and more of a must. Your purpose is something that you must fulfil. That’s why we feel that we must help people discover their purpose because in doing so, we remove the need for competition and inspire collaboration. 

Purpose-led people are more productive, more impactful, more focused and ultimately more fulfilled. 

Having run our podcast over the last year, more opportunities continue to open up and we have some amazing new guests and content. Once we hit the 100 mark, we will be looking to provide sequels to the stories the guests have shared by inviting them back for round two! 

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, guested and an absolute massive thank you to Ryan Norris and Nathan Logan who have embraced the vision, and continuing to push production levels. 

Jacob Mountfield has also helped us massively to get all the social content distributed (more to come) so thank you once again. 

Lastly, thank you to Team Irwin who have embraced the podcast days, made strangers feel welcome and continue to adapt their lives for a bigger purpose! 

Purpose People still has a Facebook Group where people can interact and comment on the show and, if you haven’t already, please like and subscribe on YouTube, or subscribe to our podcast on other platforms, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and Google. 

We continue to enjoy it and if you know anyone who has a great story, please get in contact. 

Keep listening and remember, when you commit to purpose the possibilities are infinite. 

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