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The Crisis Catalyst V3, Cre8ion

Crisis creates clarity
when change is needed

Dear Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

Crisis is something we have all experienced in life and in business. In fact, the events of the last few years have got us dealing with a collective crisis that none of us could ever have predicted.

With more time to reflect, many of us have realized that we want to build more purposeful businesses and emerge out of the crisis stronger than when we went in. Some of us have pivoted our business or even changed the very thing that we are famous for.

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The question is, how do we stay focused in the midst of these trying circumstances?

Here are the questions that need answering…

  • Crisis has always been a natural process of life, but how do we bounce back?
  • How are we supposed to deal with a continual wave of fresh challenges and still remain positive?
  • You feel like you are just getting ahead and then something sets you back. Other people seem to be flowing through the challenges whilst others are spiralling out of control. What is it that makes the difference?
  • Do all crises and recoveries follow a pattern? And, has anyone discovered a way through?

Well, The Crisis Catalyst is an answer to these questions. It was written to help entrepreneurs understand that there is a cycle and understanding and navigating yourself through it will inspire hope and hone resilience. This book will help you remain focussed on your convictions and not get distracted by your circumstances. It will help you on the journey of creating something from nothing and dealing with the pressure to scale.

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Darrell Brand Deep Dive, Cre8ion

In these 10 chapters I walk you though the crisis cycle and share insights from my own journey. I share tips on how you can make your story the strategy to grow a purposeful business. Also, which processes to have in place to help you weather the storms as they arise.

Having worked with thousands of people in brand marketing across the world, I have an understanding of what needs to be done to ensure that your leaders, teams and clients are clear about who you are, what you stand for and why they can rely on you.

As this is my first book I’m giving you an exclusive opportunity to pre-order ahead of its impending release to get you ahead and help you to make the comeback we all deserve.

Darrell Irwin

Cre8ion* | Di9ital | Hum4ns | Introbiz Bristol | Genesis Brands *B-Corp

The Crisis Catalyst Darrell Irwin, Cre8ion

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I look forward to getting to know you better!

The Crisis Catalyst by Darrell Irwin

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