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Give your message momentum.

The journey into developing a consistent brand identity

According to a 2005 study by the consultants Booz Allen Hamilton and Wolff Olins, companies that are brand-guided perform better than their competitors, gaining more profitable results. But the road to a consistent brand identity is not without its challenges. So where do you start, what should you expect from the journey and how do you make your shiny new brand identity sustainable in the long-run?

Challenges and opportunities

Changing the ways in which a business operates can be a challenge, but it can also provide a great opportunity to assess what works and what doesn’t work so well in your company. Establishing a new brand personality for an existing business is a bit like doing a ‘spring clean’ – you need to go back to basics and re-engage with your vision, dust away the fluff to find your core mission and polish your unique selling point. The emerging changes in technology mean that there may be new potential markets for your business  to explore which you may not be aware of yet. When we work with you to establish your brand identity and tell your brand story, we don’t strive to re-invent the wheel or tell you what your business should be about – instead, we use a personal approach and ensure that we have listened and engaged with your company’s unique needs, remaining faithful to your vision and keeping an eye out to the future when we build an integrated marketing strategy for you.

What entails a brand identity?

Once we have established the  ‘why’ of your business, we will then provide you with the tools that constitute your new brand identity – ensuring that you have the best brand toolkit for your business to succeed. The brand toolkit includes an in-depth brand guide document outlining typefaces, logo use, imagery and more, all packaged and supplied digitally so your visual identity can be communicated expertly. Having this resource ensures that your company has a consistent visual identity and a marketing strategy that elevates your reputation and that every employee understands how their piece fits into the bigger picture of the puzzle, acting as an ambassador for the unique values, goals, and mission of your company.

Sustainable success

Once you have established your brand identity and produced a brand toolkit, the next step for us is to ensure that it is executed consistently across all channels that are available for your company. At Cre8ion, we have a fantastic team of creative minds who can communicate your message across multiple media streams to help you build an engaging marketing strategy. This includes building a company website, providing regular editorial content with SEO in mind, ensuring that the messages we deliver bring value to your customers. In our studio, we can create anything from stunning photography to innovative graphic design and flawless promotional videos.

Here for the journey

We are more than just a brand identity ‘quick fix’ – since our launch, we have helped a wide range of businesses (from the financial to technology and educational sector) to establish and promote what’s unique about them.

Here’s what one of our clients Kelvin Stark, Sales Director at Selectronic, has said: “From commissioning Cre8ion to proceed, I have found them to be professional and inspiring. I have no hesitation in recommending Cre8ion for marketing and web site services.”

Check out their story at

We can help build a brand personality that provides a sustainable success for your company too. Get in touch with us for a quick chat about how we can help, and we’ll be happy to guide you through your brand identity journey!

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