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Give your message momentum.

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Give your message momentum.

Climbing the Google Ladder

Appearing on the first page of Google search results will, no doubt, make it more likely for a customer to click on your website. In our recent posts, we have talked about how to write content that sells. But what other important things should you remember in order to hit those high rankings?

Measure your progress.

This may sound like working backwards but it’s really important to put some measures in place before you start writing your copy, newsletter or lead conversion email, so you can track the engagement with your audience. Better still if you can split your customers by audience (age, preference, income etc.) so that the copy you create speaks to them directly.

The ‘S word’.

The key to great SEO is building content around your customer’s search intent. Avoid repeating yourself or scattering random keywords within the text. Thanks to Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm, the search engine can pick up on the meaning of each search. Spend some time visualising how your customer would search online. Collect your customer’s enquiry data from the search box on your own website or look for online polls and surveys to see what kind of questions they may be searching for, in relation to your business. How does your content respond to what they’re searching for?

Dive deep.

Backlinko’s recent research analysed 1 million Google search results. One of their key findings was that topically relevant content ‘significantly outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth.’ So quality wins over quantity – covering a single topic in-depth could mean higher rankings on Google.

Sharing is caring.

Provide a ‘share’ button wherever possible, to make it easy for your customer to search. According to the Backlinko research, ‘backlinks correlated with rankings more than any other factor’. Think of it as an online version of ‘word of mouth’. If your website appears or is quoted on other pages on the web, then it is a good indicator that your website is popular and therefore worth visiting.

Here at Cre8ion, we have a talented team who can build a company website that takes your breath away, complementing it with regular editorial content written with SEO in mind to always keep people interested. Contact us for more ideas.

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