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Give your message momentum.

Small Website Hacks That Make a BIG Difference

In the age of digital, a good functioning website can make or break a sale. In fact, 50 milliseconds is enough for a customer to form an opinion of your site. So it’s important to build a website that’s visually appealing, with content that speaks directly to your customer, easy to navigate and loads quick and easy on a smartphone. Here are a few hacks that we have discovered at Cre8ion while building websites for our clients, which you can apply to yours.

Simplify your sign up form.

Keep your form to its essentials. Technology is getting faster and we are always in a rush. How off-putting to have to complete a long form, even if it’s a product that you’re genuinely interested in. To ensure your customer is engaged, keep the form simple with no more than five fields. Our own sign-up form at Cre8ion is plain and simple, asking for key information only that takes minutes to complete.

Happy customers make others happy.

It’s nice to see smiling people, and nothing reassures a potential customer more than hearing that the product or service worked for someone else. Customer testimonials needn’t be a taxing business. A few short quotes, paired with a great image or a video, will do the trick. See how we helped our clients Win Win Property Buyers create a page, dedicated to client testimonials and improve brand visibility.

Meet the team.

We like to connect to others, and it’s particularly important when trying to find a company that stands out from the crowd. And one of the factors that make one company fare above the rest, is showing the unique people that make your team. Having a staff section on your website, ‘provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase their employees’ unique personalities while also highlighting the expertise of their team.’ Depending on how much time and resources you have available, you can create an in-depth profile for each member of the team, as we have done for our client Kingston Barnes. Or you can go for something simple yet still effective, as in the case of our client Al Bacio.

It’s also important to measure their success in order to see how these hacks are working for your business. If time permits, test everything – from call-to-actions to new headlines and pages. Or let us do the hard work for you – contact us to see how we can help build a website that drives traffic and sales to your business.

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