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Give your message momentum.

What Does Your Design Say About Your Brand?

Do you know what message your colours, font style, and imagery are sending to your customer? And how does your look fit with your overall brand strategy?  Since Cre8ion was established, we have built a great track record, helping clients from a range of sectors market what’s unique about them. Our team are experts in Marketing, Digital, Design, Editorial and Production. Their combined knowledge and creative flair can create the imagery, videos, and content that translates your vision and core values, directly to your customer. Here’s what we did and why.


We settled for pitching the business as a solutions based company, highlighting over 30 years of knowledge within the electronics industry.  This story helped transition ‘Fred in shed’ enquiries to serious global brands engaging with the team like never before. Cre8ion’s brand toolkit has enabled us to continually work with the different sector streams of Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Retail, and Led Lighting in delivering regular content both online and via email using a targeted blog strategy. To date, Selectronic continue to keep pace with the latest developments in technology and mix cutting edge web solutions with engaging stories that continue to deliver.

Maddox Gallery London

Maddox Gallery, saw us create a sleek minimalist website to showcase investment art exhibits on offer in Mayfair, London. Working closely with their existing brand development team, Cre8ion built an innovative website ready for launch in September 2015. In a highly competitive environment, Cre8ion continually deliver web development to get in step with the art scene to showcase the next shining star in the art world. From Banksy to Warhol, Picasso to Theodore we aim to make Maddox Gallery the place to invest in art. The gallery boasts its own TV, showcasing exclusive behind-the-scenes material for its clients and spectators.

Stoke Park Schools

Stoke Park Schools approached Cre8ion with the ambition to create a dynamic brand to show off the school’s personality and charm. Seemingly overnight, our design team created a unique brand based on wood and chalk boards with imagery of children surrounded by chalk doodles of activities of where they wanted to be in the future. This was then taken by our digital team to create a functional and vibrant school website with resources for parents such as newsletters, PTA information and learning information. “It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end,” Alison Hendy Assistant Head – Stoke Park Schools

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