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Give your message momentum.

Simple Strategies for Maximising Your Social Media Campaigns

In our recent blog posts, we talked about the winning formula for 60-second videos that can make a big difference to exposing your brand on social media channels like Instagram. Our recent work with iDeeter, a new social media community focused on asking questions and people sharing ideas, has inspired us to look at the topic of social media more broadly. Here are some simple strategies that you can use to maximise the impact of your social media campaigns.

‘Crowdstorm’ with iDeeter

Two heads are better than one, but image the incredible results of a thousand minds working together to solve a problem. iDeeter post challenges and invite web users to respond with their solutions – a process they call “problem solving on steroids” or “crowdstorming”. It works because they’re utilising the power of social media for what it does best – building and engaging communities.

Start small and plan ahead

If you’re just starting out promoting your brand on social media, it’s important to get into a regular routine. You might want to get a social media calendar in place. Once it’s ready – stick to it, no matter what. You may want to start with one or two posts a day, so you don’t get overwhelmed by the process. Be mindful that different social media channels attract different audiences. For example, if you’re promoting on the professional network LinkedIn, you may only need to schedule one post a day Monday to Friday, because LinkedIn users are less likely to check it on the weekend. Initially, you may find yourself recycling material that’s already on your website, just informing people about the USPs of your brand and the services you offer. You may also want to promote other social media channels that you have (for example, post a link to your Instagram on Twitter). Where possible, use images or GIFs, rather than text alone. When your schedule has been going for a few weeks, you can begin to step it up a notch.

Know your audience and engage with them

To get a steady following from people, you need to engage with your customers. Some celebrities are very good at this. The Grammy-winning superstar Sean Paul told Business News Daily: “A good foundation for creating a strong community of fans on social media is simply by being genuine in your interactions and getting to know your fans.” Social media can provide a sneak-peak into the real lives of celebrities and the people behind big brands. The key is to post things or start conversations that may genuinely interest your audience.

Ask your audience what they want to hear from you.

Simply ask them and see what they come up with. If your audience is interested in a specific niche topic, you could set up a smaller niche channel, ran by one of your employees who has a genuine passion for that topic and would enjoy having genuine conversations around it. This smaller channel may not appeal to every customer (leave that to your main channel) but it will create a niche following of a dedicated community. The main thing is to respond to your audience when they have requested something. Business News Daily advises: “When your community speaks up, follow through by implementing new campaigns, contests and other initiatives based on what fans have requested.”

Saying ‘thank you’ goes a long way

Some people are more likely to share their excitement for a brand or a topic than others. You need to monitor the responses to your social media posts to respond to and – ideally – provide encouragement to those customers who have been advocating your brand for free. Sometimes it’s a simple case of saying ‘thank you’ or sharing what they’ve said on your brand’s channel. Or you could step it up a notch and give them a bonus. This could be a special discount, a freebie or a chance to become an advocate for your brand. The main thing to note is that the reward is something that they’d genuinely find useful. If you engage with your ‘brand advocates’ enough, you should get a good idea of what it might be. The reward will motivate others to share their stories and show new customers that you value them.
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