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Give your message momentum.

The Good School Guide: How We Can Help Redesign Your School’s Brand Identity

When building your school brand, rankings help – but we know that they’re not everything. It’s more important to communicate what’s unique about your school to prospective parents and pupils. Over the years, Cre8ion have worked with a number of schools, helping them create a brand and a marketing strategy that has their unique values at heart. Here’s some of our latest work.

Nova Primary School

Cre8ion recently helped redesign and launch the website for the Nova Primary School by working closely with the school staff and taking regular feedback on board. We always work together with our clients to achieve consistent results using our 360 degree marketing tools. And we’re always on the end of the phone to provide support with any issues that you’re having, whether you need us to update your website, talk about more services or you just want to have a chat about how things are going now that your brand is up and running. Take a look at the work we did for Nova Primary here.

Filton Avenue Primary School

Working closely with the school’s business manager, Cre8ion have utilised various web app technologies to make offline information easily accessible to parents and staff. Parents now have all the information they need to be part of their child’s learning journey. The website also gives the necessary guidance for new parents, helping them to make informed decisions. To keep the online and offline communications fresh, Cre8ion regularly photograph students in their learning environment, adding the personally tailored photos to the school’s website and branding materials, to show off all the exciting developments of this growing primary school.

West Town Lane Academy

From presenting a creative strategy of brand concepts, we were able to create a brand that brought the personality and ambition of West Town Lane Academy to life. Through a flick book concept and the tagline ‘tomorrow’s heroes’, we were able to create a story that shows that the children who attend the academy have the opportunities before them to become whoever they want to be. We worked closely with the staff at West Town Lane Academy to create a fully responsive website that has all of the information needed for teachers and parents to access in day to day school life. As the website is fully mobile friendly, parents can now check the academy’s calendar for events and updates on the move.

Looking to redesign the brand or website of your school?

Perhaps you want to find more ways to reach prospective parents or bring your communications online, using web apps and other savvy tools? We’ll make sure that you get the best return on your investment. And we don’t just build your brand and leave you to do the hard work – we’re here for the journey. Contact us today for a free quote.

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