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Give your message momentum.

Content for multitaskers: how to engage with your audience on the go

In our fast-paced lifestyle, we rarely give our full attention to a single piece of information, be it a novel or a newsletter. Instead, we’re constantly multitasking. And when it comes to content, we want something that complements our lifestyle, not dominates our life.

The same goes for your customer. In the words of StoryNeedle: “People want content they can multitask with, content that supports them as they do things like chores, exercise, or driving — instead of being the focus of what they are doing.” What does that mean for your next big marketing campaign? It means that you could secure better customer engagement, if you take these simple tips into consideration.

Address and appreciate your audience

All of us want to be understood and appreciated, especially when we’re busy and stressed. Whether you’re planning to send out an email, post a blog or launch a video, make sure that you address your audience from the start. A perfect example of this is Justin Jackson’s Build and Launch podcasts (one of the top 15 podcasts recommended for new entrepreneurs, especially if you’re working in the field of tech). These podcasts always begin by Jackson addressing the audience as they go about their day-to-day activities (‘you may be doing the dishes, walking the dog, running on a treadmill’) and end with thanking the audience for tuning into the podcast. Because knowing how busy our lives are, it’s a huge task for anyone to engage with new content, even if it’s just an email or a short audio clip. Whatever you’re sending out, allow for the opportunity to thank your audience in some meaningful way.

Keep it bite-sized

Keeping it short and snappy has never been more relevant than today. Just think of the way that you may consume new information – do you read emails on the go, browse websites on your commute to work, or the rare moments of downtime? Chances are, it’s the same for your customer, so the content that you create needs to slot nicely into the tiny chunks of free time in their busy schedule, rather than carve out long slots of time which they simply don’t have. You need to ensure that your marketing content doesn’t ask your customer for any more time than they can give. For example, when you create videos, keep them under two minutes, as we have done for our clients Kingston Barnes and iDeeter.

Ready to engage your customer in a meaningful way, so that they feel appreciated and appreciate your services in return? Then contact us today for a quick chat about what we can do to help you.

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