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Give your message momentum.

Start-ups: How Your Brand Can Make or Break Your Business

Does a good brand mean having a flashy look and a catchy name? Not quite. A strong brand identity is absolutely crucial for a start-up. It will give your company the best chance to position itself in the marketplace, and become easily recognised by new customers. A great brand consists of many components, and you need to get them right, to ensure that your start-up thrives from year one.

What’s your mission & vision?

It’s important to get your goals and values aligned, before you decide where you need to invest, and start approaching new customers. Begin by defining what your mission and vision statements are – this is something we encourage our clients to do when we first meet them for a workshop.

Mission: what’s your business about? In other words, why does your company exist? Your mission statement needs to capture why you decided to create your business.

Vision: what’s the far-reaching goal of your business? What is the end goal of your company? The sky’s the limit here!
It’s common to have two separate lots of these – an internal mission and vision for yourself and your employees, and a different version that communicates to the customer what’s in it for them. While these two versions may be worded differently, both align and operate in perfect sync, to aid the customer journey.

How human is your business?

Once you’ve established your mission and vision statement, it’s time to work on the personality and voice of your company. Do you want to sound techy, luxurious or down-to-earth? Do you want to become your customer’s best buddy, business accomplice or expert adviser? The type of relationship you envisage having with your customer will determine how your business speaks to them, making your company distinct to others.

Who are your customers?

To get this part spot on, you need to know exactly who your customers are. The more you know about their likes and dislikes, the more closely you can adapt your voice and personality to match theirs. You then need to implement this style across all your communications to make your brand distinct and recognisable.

At Cre8ion, we can create a unique brand identity for your business, complete with typefaces, logo use, imagery and much more, that we can then implement across multiple media streams to elevate your brand everywhere.

To take part in our winning workshops and help us build a brand and marketing strategy, connect with us today.

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