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Give your message momentum.

Great Marketing Videos Without the Hollywood Budget

If you’re thinking of a new marketing strategy for 2017, having some brand new video content is definitely the way forward. Millions of people consume videos online every single day, and 48% of consumers will share a video they’ve liked on their social media profile, according to a report by Animoto. And if you want to increase your email click-through rate by a whopping 200-300%, all you need to do is include a video in your next newsletter according to Forrester, a market research company based in the U.S.

Clearly, video has its perks. But if you’re the owner of a small start-up business, you need to be mindful about your budget and spend resources wisely. So how do you create an engaging video that your customers will love without breaking the bank?

Think audience

All good videos begin with the same step – define your target audience and shape the video according to their needs. Where is your star customer likely to be, when they click on your video? Are they always on-the-go and would appreciate a short video landing in their inbox, say, just before they get their sandwich at lunchtime on a Friday? Or are they more likely to value sleek design and entertainment, even if that means spending a few extra minutes, watching your video?

Your video concept

Once you’ve defined how your perfect customer may be spending their day, you can then choose the concept for your video. Here are a few ideas that you can Google – Talking Head, Video Tips series, Live Demo, Photo Montage, Video Testimonials. Again, think about your customer. If you’re creating a ‘How to…’ video series, for example, decide what kind of things your customer would genuinely need help with. In other words – rather than thinking about direct promotion, consider instead how your video could add value to their lives.

Promotion, promotion, promotion

When you’re choosing the content of your video it’s also helpful to think about where you’ll be displaying it. Are you going to send it in your next newsletter, or share it on your social media channels? Is the video then going to reside on your website permanently, or can you keep shorter snippets and recycle them in your next marketing campaign? Answering these questions may seem time-consuming but it will help you focus your ideas about the kind of video you want to make, and define a budget more clearly.

Invest in professional video

At Cre8ion, we specialise in helping start-ups and businesses thrive. With a team of experienced video producers, editors and marketers, we have everything you need for creating your brand new marketing video that will catch the attention of the right customer. And we are always willing to come to you and shoot on location or personalise each each video to suit your particular needs. Our team of expert web designers and writers will make sure that your message is heard across multiple media platforms.

Check out some recent videos that we did for Go Faster Food or get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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