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Top Digital Marketing Examples and Lessons You Can Apply to Your Own Advertising Strategy

Recently we took a look at marketing giants like Nike, Dove and Apple to see what lessons could be learn from them when it comes to marketing. Although inspiring, those were companies who had large-scale budgets to play with. This means that they had the luxury of time and the help of marketing experts to create wonderful marketing content. But what if you don’t have a grand budget to play with? We sourced the web to find some top-notch digital marketing examples, and practical lessons that can be learned from each, whatever your budget.

Case study: Netflix socks

Netflix is pretty much in the same category with Dove and Nike, but we just had to add this campaign to the list, because of the important and witty lesson that can be learned here. Netflix knew their customers so well that they decided to take the mickey out of them and base this entire campaign around the ‘first-world’ problems that they face.

Lesson 1. ‘Do your market research and get intimate with your customers.’

Really get to know your customers; get comfortable with them. Not only in terms of what products or services they like, but where they hang out, what did they have for dinner last night, and how do they spend their free time. By knowing this you’ll also know when and how to approach them when advertising your company.

Case study: Personal finance and money management tool Mint

Lesson 2: ‘Content is dead? All hail content!’

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – you cannot go wrong with great content. Selling a product isn’t always about direct promotion. Take a look at this infographic from the designers of the personal management tool Mint on how not to go broke during wedding season – fun and informative, huh? Think – what content would your customers find useful? How could you break it down in a fun and light-hearted way? The time it takes to create great content will pay off hundred-fold in customer engagement scores.

Case study: Apex Alternatives

We couldn’t resist adding one of our own clients in. And not just because we built their website but because the lesson is a powerful one that any start-up can apply when building their business. In a nutshell, Apex Alternatives is an investment company, based in London and staffed by professionals, including former IFAs and stockbrokers. Apex specialise in alternative investment opportunities, rather than instruments that are directly linked to global stock markets.

Lesson 3. ‘You can’t please everyone, so focus on what’s unique about you.’

When you build a marketing strategy, make sure it’s centred on your USP and your values. That’s the only way to build a company that stands out from the crowd. But without some professional input, it can be tricky to dissect what these are. If you’re ready to make that discovery, sign up to one of our signature marketing workshops, and we will build a marketing strategy that works for you, with your values at heart.

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