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How to Engage Parents: Practical Steps to Developing a Consistent Marketing Strategy for Your School

Parents may be interested in how well their child is doing in their studies, but getting them really engaged in your school’s activities can be a challenging task. Tight budgets and high demands from government authorities and parents can make it difficult to find the time to even think about ways to attract parents to your school. Bearing this in mind, what practical ideas can you apply to your school to boost engagement from parents?

At Cre8ion, we’ve collaborated with several schools over the years, helping them to create beautifully designed websites and brands, complete with digital tools that engage parents and pupils alike. Here are some of the most important lessons in engagement that we’ve learnt along the way.

Be open to changing the name of your school

You may be raising your eyebrows, thinking of all the hassle that changing the name for your school would create. But having a new name means ‘clearing the slate’ of any past associations, and a chance to re-discover the values, the vision and mission that’s completely unique to your school.

Case study: Avon Primary transformed into Nova Primary school

After our creative workshop we worked together to develop the new name Nova Primary School. The name Nova is after the star, tying in with the school’s new theme ‘Teaching the Stars of Tomorrow’. Once the new name was in place, a radical new image followed with bright shapes and wacky angles giving the Nova brand the edge to stand out from the crowd.

Create functional online resources for parents and students to use

The digital age offers plenty of opportunities for innovation, creating online resources that students and parents can use with ease. But with so many possibilities, it can seem a little daunting – where do you even begin? It all depends on your needs and the outcomes you wish to achieve, whether that’s building a stronger community around your school or getting your students to make more use of online resources. Take a look at the work we did for Nova Primary School here.

Case study: West Town Lane Academy

With the tagline ‘tomorrow’s heroes’, West Town Lane Academy’s brand has really taken off. Through a flick book concept, where children’s heads are placed on the bodies of working professionals, we were able to create a story that shows that the children who attend the academy have the opportunities before them to become whoever they want to be. We worked closely with the staff to create a fully responsive website that has all of the information needed for teachers and parents to access in day to day school life. As the website is fully mobile friendly, parents can now check the academy’s calendar for events and updates on the move, as we know how busy life can get as a parent!

Use the school’s brand to communicate a consistent message

Having a consistent brand has many benefits, especially for schools. It can help create a stronger school identity, make the institution look more professional and easier to recognise. When brainstorming marketing ideas for your school, make sure you let your website, welcome packs and even the school uniforms speak the same language. Take a look at the work we did for West Town Lane Acadamy here.

Case study: Filton Avenue Primary School

Our journey with Filton Avenue Primary School has been an exciting one. Cre8ion’s brand for Filton Avenue Primary School has enabled the school to communicate consistently using welcome packs to uniforms as together we impact the next generation. We helped the school utilise various web and app technologies. Parents now have all the information they need to be part of the child’s learning journey while giving the necessary guidance for new parents to make informed decisions. To keep on and offline communications fresh, Cre8ion regularly photograph students in their learning environment, adding the personal tailored photos to show off all the exciting developments of this growing primary school. Take a look at the work we did for Filton Avenue Primary School here.

Are you ready for to re-desig the marketing strategy and concept of your school? Contact our team to discuss how we can create a unique marketing strategy that gets parents engaged with your school.

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