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Cre8ion: Meet the Team – Mike Owen

The success of a project depends on talent and great teamwork. Only by surrounding yourself with a team of dedicated professionals who share your passion and can see your vision clearly, can your project become a success. At Cre8ion, we work together with our clients to bring their ideas to life, all thanks to our team of talented creatives who can implement your brand across multiple media streams.

Meet one of them – our Web Developer Mike who enjoys the challenge of embarking on new exciting projects to see a client’s vision through to its completion.

Coffee, emails and Medium daily

Mike arrives at the office half an hour early to start his day with a coffee that he sips as he reads through his Medium daily digest to catch up with the latest developments in the design and web world. Then it’s time to check emails and reply to clients, or join the weekly staff meeting to discuss projects and new business developments.

After that, the real fun begins.

“If I’m building a website, I will just start coding,” Mike says. Reminiscing on his favourite project to date – building a website for Youwood, a luxury interior design company – he adds: “I really enjoyed the challenges of building a responsive website with all of the angles in the design elements from the Youwood brand.”

“Also, our graphic designer George likes to keep the developers on their toes with complex designs! This makes web development exciting for me because no two websites are ever the same, and each presents different problems that need to be solved.”

A web designer at heart, multi-skilled in practice

Initially interested in graphic design, Mike completed his BA (Hons) in Creative Media Practice at Bath Spa University while he also gained experience working at a print shop in Bath prior to joining Cre8ion. “The print and design experience alongside my university education was really valuable, as I got to apply what I was learning in a professional capacity.”

In his third year, Mike decided to focus solely on web development as he loved the idea of seeing his designs come alive in web applications. Although this remains his passion, thanks to the practical experience he gained at university, Mike is still able to excel in a variety of skills that keep his day-to-day life at Cre8ion exciting.

“So far at Cre8ion, I’ve been a web developer, graphic designer, video editor, copywriter and photo editor. Every now and again I may need to create some content for a web project or edit a photograph, so some Illustrator or Photoshop work gets done then.” The dynamic environment at Cre8ion allows him to dip into these skillsets, and he’s grateful for the experience. “We are all multi skilled and often have to pop over to different media disciplines, keeping life exciting.”

Mike also manages Cre8ion’s Instagram account which has turned into a bit of a hobby. “I often take little breaks to take a snapshot of whatever is going on and interesting in the office.”

That being said, Mike’s heart is in web development and graphic design. “I’m excited to gain more experience in these fields. Every new project has new challenges and problems to solve to bring our clients’ website designs to life.”

So after catching an episode of Catch Phrase or Wheel of fortune on the Challenge channel with his colleagues over lunch, Mike cracks on with the next big web project in the afternoon.

Looking for a team to make your dream come true?

Our talented team at Cre8ion can help you build a company website that takes your breath away, complementing it with regular editorial content written with SEO in mind. We can also produce stunning photography, promotional videos and service all of your visual print and web needs with our graphic design services. Get in touch with us today to find out more on how we can help bring your ideas to life.

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