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Give your message momentum.

How to Build Great Brands

You have a great idea and a great product but how do you communicate to your customers how much they need to buy it? You need more than a logo or graphic design, you need a brand, but where do you start? Well, firstly, a great brand must have empathy with the audience. So, put yourself in your audience’s shoes and feel their pain. How will your product take their pain away? Secondly, ask yourself how your product will add value to your audience’s life. How will you make things better for them? You need to engage your audience and communicate to them how you can make things better. A good example is G.L.Integrity, one of our clients, who have identified their audience’s pain point – ie. that they have not fulfilled the expectations they had of life when they were younger. G.L.Integrity helps people to discover their purpose – what they want ultimately to achieve in life and, by dint of clever financial planning, makes it better by helping them to reach their goal. In order to engage your audience, you must get your story straight – telling the right story gets the right kind of enquiry. By telling the right stories Cre8ion has helped schools to reconnect with their parents and art galleries to paint the bigger picture. What is your measure of success? How do you want to grow? What exactly is it you are looking to increase? Increased numbers of clients, staff, premises or number of sales? Ask yourself the right questions in order to get to the heart of what you do and why you do it. Then you can devise a strategy which will add value by conveying the right message, telling a consistent story across all your communications, increasing your influence and achieving the desired growth.
At Cre8ion we specialise in brand marketing. We would love to take you through our branding workshop where we can help you to answer all of the above questions and create a brand that engages your audience, communicates how you can add value and creates the right culture.

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