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Give your message momentum.

A Question of Growth

Running - A Question of Growth

Sometimes the normal sales process is difficult, particularly in markets where you need to build a whole level of trust. Take the finance industry for example, where having a great brand story is part of that process.

So how is it possible to grow that trust before even having met your potential clients? A quick way to build a following is by using online questionnaires. At Cre8ion we have done just that, but we are making our online questionnaires work harder still!

An effective questionnaire captures the attention, and prompts the respondent to read through each and every question. The same questionnaire, however, could add value by not only gathering market research data but also provide the respondent with something that is meaningful to them, free of charge, in addition to the prospect of buying your product.

Have a look at Cre8ion’s client, GL Integrity Financial Planning, a financial management company. The “F.I.T. For Purpose” questionnaire gathers information, in a friendly, non-intrusive manner, as to the respondent’s financial health. The respondent is then provided with an overall diagnosis of their financial situation, (probably information that most people would be interested in) but only when they submit their details, triggering an invitation to a free initial consultation with Andrew Stinchcoomb, certified financial planner and managing director of GL Integrity Financial Planning.

Why nodrop us a line and see how we can use online questionnaires to help you add value to your audience?

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