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Cre8ion: Meet the Team – Going Social with Tamilla

At Cre8ion, marketing via social media channels has become an increasingly prominent feature of what we do, so much so that we have engaged a new member of staff to undertake some of the daily responsibilities that social media marketing entails. We’d like to introduce our new Social Media Executive, Tamilla Haycock. Tamilla was born and brought up in Bristol and has a love of photography, music and all things creative. She graduated last year with a degree in Media, a course which covered photography, social media and digital content along with a lot of theory such as sociology, politics and copyright law. The practical side of things included everything from filmmaking and radio production to editorial design. After graduating, Tamilla focused on photography and image manipulation using Photoshop, and now she has her own social media photography account where she enjoys marketing herself online. Since joining the company a month ago she has been helping to create social media strategies, researching each of Cre8ion’s clients, catering content and ideas that can be put towards their social media accounts. The information gathered through the research forms the strategies, with social calendar planning, Instagram layouts and analytics. We asked Tamilla “Why is social media so important as a marketing tool?” “Social Media as a strategy is a very creative marketing tool as you can not only give information about your company or yourself but, with photo based social media platforms like Instagram, you can give your viewers more of an insight into your company and product. The visual element increases your influence on what you are seeking to portray or create, telling the audience more. “What should a beginner start to post?” Knowing who your audience is and what they want to see on social is key to creating content that they will like, comment on, and share. What are your target customers talking about online? Take inspiration from others without plagiarising their work and try to be as original as possible as that will make you stand out. You could also check out the winners of The Facebook Awards or The Shorty Awards for examples of brands who are using social media to market most effectively. Also, find out who your competition are and what they’re doing well (and not so well) and strike a balance between quality and quantity in your own posts. “When is the best time to post?” Your posts should be consistent (post regularly and with the same frequency). In order to work out the optimum posting time you will need 100 followers, at which point Instagram will allow you to track the analytics and give you an insight into when your viewers are most likely to be active. Analytics will help you to post at a time when your audience is most likely to see you. “What have you learnt about social media marketing since you have been at Cre8ion?” I have learnt how to calculate analytics for each platform and from that information and data generate a constructive plan to help a business to reach their goals using social media. The first step to creating a social media marketing strategy is to establish your objectives and goals. Without goals, you have no way to measure your success or the return on your investment in social media. You need to focus on targets such as how many leads need to be generated, web referrals, and conversion rate. If you need help to build a social media strategy why not contact us at

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