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Give your message momentum.

Genesis, Making your Future Faster

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Business start ups and entrepreneurs are often short of time (and money) when it comes to designing a decent brand to showcase their product and connect with their audience. Often the temptation to just “do it yourself “ (saving time and money) can lead to a poorly executed brand which fails to communicate the true quality of the product or service and engage the desired audience, wasting your valuable time and spending your limited resources in the wrong area.

We get it. We also understand the need for fast, cheap and great which is impossible to find, or so it seems.

How is it that technological advances have accelerated the pace of our culture, causing us to expect the instantaneous and yet the process of designing a brand remains relatively slow? So many of life’s requirements are available to order on the same day…..meals, flowers, furniture, clean laundry, instant answers on Google, groceries…. Who waits for anything these days?

Cre8ion understands the power of designing large bespoke brand builds but for start ups this type of investment of time and money is impractical. Money is needed for more pressing concerns such as rent, deposits, legal fees, accountants and even your first hire. What if we could remove some of the time and expenditure associated with a brand build?

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We decided to respond to the instantaneity of our culture by making branding available on the same day using brand automation. Now, within just ten minutes, via the GenesisBrands website, a new brand can be born. Genesis is instantaneous, inexpensive, innovative, inventive and for business start ups it’s indispensable.

Fast, Cheap, and Great, find out more with our Genesis blog.

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