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Give your message momentum.

Make your mark with illustration – seven top tips

Why use illustrations and infographics in these days of stock photos? Is illustration a forgotten art in the world of digital or an effective way to reach your audience amidst so much digital noise?

One good reason to use illustration is to make your product or concept stand out as the illustration is tailored to your specific needs, creating a sense of identity and familiarity, telling a story to make a personal connection with your audience.

It’s a unique and original way of presenting an idea which can bring to life dry concepts and make them visually exciting or even enhance digital images. Some subjects and concepts such as exaggeration, attitude, emotion, expression, and personality require illustration as they are hard to document or communicate photographically. Illustration is also great for targeting different age groups as it can be childlike for children or sophisticated for adults.

For children, illustrations are very important when they are learning to process written information. A relevant picture will help them to make the correct inferences about what they are reading, making it more interesting and helping them to remember the words they have read. If your audience includes a younger element illustrations are a must.

The beauty of illustration is that rules can be broken, creating more possibilities. How about Paris based artist-entrepreneurs ‘Obvious” who are using artificial intelligence to create art? Their computer algorithm learned to generate new images by being fed a database of 15,000 paintings.
Not all of us have access to artificial intelligence, but we have used our own to offer you some top tips on why you might want to use illustration:

Illustrate a point – sometimes finding that stock image seems impossible, so draw your own narrative.

Original content – create something that no-one else has, a work of art.

Trend set – illustration is synonymous with history and sets the tone for the futuristic.

Filtered viewpoint – take that winning photo and utilise the world of filters

Finger paint – tablets have transformed the way we can draw using multiple brushes and textures – its AI at your finger tips.

Bar charts – bar yourself from using them, use infographics to tell your story of growth in an engaging way.

Mix Media – bring average stock to life by mixing with illustrations to create an original concept art.

Water Mark 3, Cre8ion

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