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Give your message momentum.

Storytelling – Making Your Brand a Hero

Millions are spent every year on marketing and branding, often engaging the wrong type of enquiry. The solution is telling the right story.

Many companies lead with services, they speak at potential clients rather than understanding their need. The best way to create empathy is to tell the story of how the product may influence the audience’s life for the better. Take away their pain points and make their life easier, it’s what we all want right?

Think of your brand identity as an opportunity to ‘tell your story’.
What makes you different? Who and what are the key characters we can identify with? Can I put myself in their shoes? Whether it’s a video or striking photography, I need to see if I can be that person.

Effective storytelling is the superpower that makes your brand a hero in someone else’s eyes, the difference between connecting with the audience or losing us completely.

More and more companies are using storytelling as a means of connecting with their audience via websites, videos and social channels. They stop us in our newsfeed and get us to check them out.

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Have you wondered what kind of story would help you to engage and connect with your audience? Here are a few ideas…

‘Your journey’– involves an experience that led to your business idea (solving the problem) and from there the business that you have today (what makes you the best).

‘Overcoming’ – We have all been confronted with obstacles and your story might just inspire someone who is facing the same obstacle that you overcame!

“Inspiration” – satisfy your audience’s desire to know that the seemingly impossible is actually possible

“Pain saving” – share vital information about your product that will save your customers’ precious time and money

So how do you tell a good story?

1. Set the scene – describe the events leading up to how your story begins – make it a scene the audience can identify with – empathy first, add value second.

2. Identify the hero – use vivid and emotive language, just like stories that stimulate your imagination. Who’s the hero and who are they trying to save – what must be clear is that you care. A story comes to life by evoking emotion, humour or even drama.

3. Establish the plot and then surprise with a ‘turning point’.
The solution isn’t always the obvious one but the most effective.
If it’s a video, a twist makes things memorable, if its a printed piece, something a little bit different from the norm is helpful.

4. Draw everything together with the moral or the lesson that was learnt. How this brand continues to be in the individual’s life. They can’t live without your product or service! Life is better with you in it.

At Cre8ion we have an amazing story to tell of our journey and we have helped hundreds of people tell theirs. We specialise in helping people build a narrative for a marketing strategy that connects.

Change your narrative and become someone’s hero today.

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