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Give your message momentum.

No Budget, No Logo

No budget, no logo?

Ok, you’re a start up. You need a marketing agency to help get your message out there.
You’ve searched high and low and have even decided that it is time for you to jump into the chair of chief logo designer. It can’t be that hard can it? Really?

Well, building a brand is more than just designing a logo and when you start to understand everything that it entails, very quickly you’ll find yourself out of your depth or worse, armed with a sub-standard attempt at pitching your new business with a logo that fails to resonate and no story to engage anyone with.

So, what’s the plan? Money is tight. What about finding some young person looking for ‘exposure’? Please don’t! If there is one thing that hurts designers and creatives the world over it’s the exposure card!

What’s the solution now then…?

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Well, did you know the team at Cre8ion made a decision last year to help budding entrepreneurs get started? We built a platform aimed at start ups that wouldn’t cost the earth, it was intended to help you start lean.

This platform is called Genesis Brands. It works by presenting you with a short questionnaire, and as you answer the questions you build a brand before your very eyes. Genesis Brands is the hub that contains all your components (your mission, vision, values, company logo, colours, fonts, copy-writing guides, images, flyers, leaflets, pop up stand and stationery) and the ability to get printed quick!

So… what do you think? Fancy a go? It’s free to try and you can see a full preview of your brand once it’s built. You’ve got nothing to lose! The beauty of this approach is that we help you start with a narrative that you can continue to build upon as you scale with the help of the team at Cre8ion.

So step into the world of brand automation and discover that building your vision got a whole lot easier.

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