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Give your message momentum.

A Purpose Driven Video that Converts

There are so many reasons to put video on your website to sell your product or service. I don’t need to tell you that video marketing can capture a very wide audience with about 90% of customers watching video on their mobile.

So how do you make a video that will convert to a sale?

While you can create video using your mobile or a cheap camera, and post it online, it doesn’t follow that just because you have the tool to create a video of your product in action, that your audience will find it engaging…

What you need to do is to take the time out to understand your audience and craft your content with the intention of engaging with them. Video content with a narrative should create empathy, because stories are powerful and video gets your message across more quickly than text, thus maintaining audience interest.

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Professional video production is certainly more time consuming and more expensive than sallying forth with your I-phone, however the results of your investment will be significant. Adding a product/service video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

1) Approach
What is the creative approach that presents the story and best engages your target audience? It’s story driven, creatively driven and has a memorable theme. Ask yourself what would set this video apart from other videos in the same market sectors?

2) Birth of Need – (This section deals with Why?)
Creating empathy around the audience’s pain point. How will your product or service make their pain go away? Once you create empathy with your target audience it becomes easier to add value. You have understood someone’s problem and are demonstrating how you can solve it, including powerful ways of engaging an enquiry within the video.

3) Presentation of Product – (This section deals with What?)
You need to tell people more about the process of how you deliver, demonstrating the product or service in action.

4) Deal with Concerns – (This section deals with How?)
Using testimonials and logos of clients that have already engaged and benefited from your product or service will add credibility, inspire confidence and deal with potential objections before they arise (e.g. insufficient time or money).

5) Closure – (This section deals with When?)
Your video must have a call to action. What does the viewer need to do next? Do they need to go to the website, sign up to an email, make a purchase or go to another part of the website? Having a call to action will make your video intentional and purpose driven.

If you need help to produce a Purpose Driven Video please contact our production team at Cre8ion.

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