With the Easter holidays upon us, most of us will take the opportunity to enjoy a few days holiday. That little bit of extra chill time with the family will be a much needed break after hitting it hard since January. For others it’s more of an enforced break, Good Friday and Easter Bank Holiday Monday ensure that our weekend gets a little longer.

So, as this long weekend approaches, take some time out to reflect. Go for a walk, head to the local park bench, get your pad out, or open your phone notes and try and answer these questions. Once you have the answers, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your brand and give greater traction to your business story…

If you hid your logo on your website, would people still know what you do?

In Bible times the Romans called Christians little Christs. Hence the term Christians. Jesus may not have been around physically but the identity of people who bought into the brand was clear. Others could see Jesus in the Christians’ everyday lives. His message had taken on momentum.

Are all your communications littered with lists of services?

Heaven is quite a good benefit and to this day remains fresh in Christian narrative. What’s in it for people that want to buy into your company? You might not be able to give them heaven but can you solve their pain point? Solving that might feel like one step away from heaven to them.

Do you give anything of value away for free?

Exchanging information is important. You need people’s names. Those names serve as a database for you to build your funnel with. If you want someone’s name you’d better give them an incentive. For example, if you are a personal trainer you could give them a “Ten Commandments” for getting fitter…
When you add value, people want to know more.

Does your business excite you?

Don’t forget why you started. Jesus had a big job, to die for mankind’s sins. He didn’t lose sight of His purpose and once He’d completed that part of His journey, He returned to share His story. Make sure you help people with your business and make sure you capture and share the impact that you make.

Could your team tell you what your mission is?

Jesus had disciples and these people became brand ambassadors. They got the story and actually followed in His example. The believed in the brand so much that they took it global.

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All these things help position you to evaluate just what it is that you are projecting. While you may need more than three days to bring your brand marketing strategy or website back to life one thing is clear, you didn’t start your business to be average and yet somehow you got lost on the journey.

The best businesses have a great word of mouth strategy and if you can’t share about what makes your business special, then your gospel message is going to get lost in translation.

Get your story right, share how you’ve created near miracles in people’s lives then that message will gain traction by itself.

This Easter, rise above the average and build a story that can be told for generations.

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