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Give your message momentum.

Eight Ways To Engage Your Audience

Eight Ways To Engage Your Audience

Communicate your benefits not just your services

It’s not about your product or service, it’s about your customer. What do they need? How can your product or service help them? Focus on building empathy, put yourself in your clients’ shoes by identifying their pain.

If you’re bringing something new to the market, your customer wants to know what’s different about your offering and how it will benefit them. Videos and infographics in your website will help to convey a lot of information or explain processes in a short space of time.

Stop chasing the sale before you know your audience, start collecting their data first

Get to know your audience. What’s your audience’s age range for instance?Who makes up the majority of your audience – men or women?

Demographic data will have an impact on how you address your audience. Measure and track your audience’s behaviour using great maps and analytics to give your customers the best user experience. Track how people use your website and adjust it accordingly.

In everything you do add value

A good example of adding value is offering free advice to your audience related to your product or service via your website. Practical-value content is any type that the audience can implement instantly and easily, without spending too much effort.

Invite, listen to, evaluate and execute feedback.

A consistent communication strategy between your team and your users will not only benefit your users but it will also help you know which direction to move as a company to make your users happy and inspire organic growth.

Keep complete answers to the most frequently asked questions saved in a Google doc for your team to simply copy and paste when they come up!
It’s also important to have a presence on social media, remaining active and responsive as a company, keeping it a priority to respond to Twitter and Facebook messages in a helpful and timely manner.

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Communicate the purpose behind your brand.

The best brands tell their why as well as their what and how (Simon Sinek in “The Golden Circle).
Sinek’s theory is that successfully communicating the passion behind the ‘Why’ is a way to communicate with the listener’s limbic brain, the part of our anatomy that processes feelings such as trust and loyalty – as well as decision-making. This means that successfully articulating your ‘Why’ inspires your audience to act.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you innovate. Fail Forward.

When you try something and it doesn’t work, it can be easy to wring your hands and adopt a woe-is-me attitude, but that won’t help you move forward. You have to correct your strategy.

Firstly, examine where you went wrong and get systems in place to prevent those errors from occurring again. Then, hire the right people and align them to your company’s core values.

Take time to understand that different generations communicate differently

Although this table is not 100% correct for everyone, it is a pretty good summary.

Table from – ‘Communication Among Different Generations’

Give your customers a voice – testimonials

Testimonials reassure customers that other people who have used the product like it and would use it again. You’re letting satisfied customers do the hard sales work for you. When it comes to selling power, a great testimonial outshines great sales copy.

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