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Give your message momentum.

Using Your Brand To Recruit The Best

Branding yourself well will help you as a start up, causing customers to choose your product and services over the competition. Did you know that presenting a strong, coherent brand will also improve your reputation as an employer? It will even help you to recruit and retain the right talent.

It’s not only customers who consider a company’s reputation before buying. When making a decision on where to apply for a job, job seekers will consider the reputation of a company as an employer.

To Retain

The image that your brand portrays should reflect how things are done within the company too. It shows your mission, vision and the values you instil and therefore suggests the kind of culture you have internally.

You will build your employees’ confidence by offering an environment where the same positive values are evident in the internal operations as well as the external image.

If management projects brand values to customers that are not reflected in how employees are treated then employees are not likely to believe in the brand themselves. They might also lose respect for an employer and would be less likely to give their best or stay and be a benefit to the company.

Imagine a company whose brand promised the customer the most up to date, technologically advanced product. Only, behind the scenes, little investment was being made to offer employees opportunities to learn new skills and advance their knowledge. If there were no growth opportunities or training potential to develop new skills, why would someone with high skill levels choose to stay or even come in the first place?

People respond to integrity so a brand needs to be a true reflection of everything a company does. This can then be promoted very effectively using social media and your website.

To Recruit

Your brand provides information to people who might consider coming to work for you. So, having established brand integrity, inside and out, you can start to leverage employees as brand advocates. If your company is doing great things, current employees are more willing to share their excitement online. Posting video testimonials in the careers section of your website from your employees about what a great time they are having will attract potential candidates.

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Social media has made it easier for job applicants to find information and could be the primary tool a job seeker would use for research. Make it easier for them to find your company by posting blogs, photos and videos about company events, culture, employee highlights and benefits.

If you want to develop great branding identity to help you find the best talent we would love to help you.

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